Fire safety updates for care homes

11 Mar 2014

Fire safety guidelines for care homes have been updated by the Scottish Government.

The advice was originally issued after 14 residents died in a blaze at Rosepark care home in Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, in 2004.

The overhauled guidelines, which were published on Friday (March 7), cover care homes that cater for various residents. These include ones with learning disabilities, physical impairment and mental health problems.

The update, which follows public feedback, is aimed at making the guidance more accessible and user-friendly.

Potential fire-starters listed in the document includes cigarettes, candles, heaters and cooking equipment. It advises readers on how to minimise the dangers these objects can present.

The guidelines recommend introducing a central heating system to replace naked flame and radiant heaters.

In addition, it emphasises the need for an appropriate evacuation plan due to some residents suffering infirmity, immobility or impaired awareness of the situation.

The 2004 fire began in a cupboard on a bedroom corridor, releasing deadly smoke and toxic gases.

Community safety minister Roseanna Cunningham said the improved guide is practical and simple to use.

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