Fire safety signs guidance launched

19 Aug 2013

Fire safety signs and notices should be easier to understand with new guidance.

The guide comes from the Fire Industry Association (FIA) which recommends periodic reviewing of safety signs to make sure they support the fire safety strategy for sites.

The first part deals with what duty holders need to know about such as evacuation sings having to be noticeable and legible.

The second gives legal requirements for safety information including typical evacuation area/equipment signs; alarm call points signs; action notices; extinguisher identification notices; fire-fighting gear; safety notices; and signs for management of risk and prohibitive action.

Safety signs' design, position, and siting are covered as well as how they should match the standards BS EN ISO 7010 and BS 5499 parts 4 and 10.

The FIA, a non-profit trade association promoting professional standards, was formed in 2007 from a merger between the Fire Extinguishing Trade Association and the British Fire Protection Systems Association

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