Fire safety rules strengthened

09 Aug 2013

The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) is beginning a new era in fire safety regulations with stronger rules for businesses.

Responding to the Focus on Enforcement review, the CFOA has announced an array of reforms to satisfy the need for improved regulations and guidance to help companies follow the letter of the law.

The Government has welcomed the CFOA's new efforts to help businesses improve the way fire safety rules are enforced. The association has pledged to lead a new Business Engagement Forum to set new rules and deal with concerns. It will also draw up a professional competence framework for fire safety officers.

The reforms also include giving businesses more and better support including formal Notices, clearer guidelines on rectifying compliance failures and making sure businesses can tell the difference between informal advice and specific requirements.

The CFOA will encourage fire risk assessors to be professionally certified and accredited and it intends to further develop the good practice of several Fire and Rescue Authorities, particularly in supporting small enterprises.

CFOA president Vij Randeniya described the reforms as a new era for fire safety. He said it would continue its work with businesses to make communities safer, ensure fire safety measures are cost-effective to help boost growth and recover swiftly from fires on their premises.

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