Fire safety lessons for singer

14 Dec 2012

Chris Martin has been offered the chance to receive free safety lessons from firefighters after his wife, Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, revealed all about his culinary disasters.

In an edition of Channel 4 show Jamie and Jimmy's Food Fight Club, Paltrow speaks about how the fire service had to be called out on both occasions when the Coldplay frontman has attempted to cook.

Due to these failed efforts, the London Fire Brigade is now offering the music star a home visit to talk to him and his family about how they can avoid blazes in the kitchen.

"He has twice cooked a meal and this is not a joke, both times the fire brigade came. I swear on my life - both times," Paltrow told the programme, which is hosted by Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty.

Dave Brown, London Fire Brigade's head of operations, prevention and response, revealed that kitchen blazes are the most common cause of domestic fires in the capital, accounting for three out of five house fires.

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