Fire-fighters battle Belfast blaze

23 Aug 2012

A fire broke out at a Belfast factory early in the morning on Tuesday, started by what is believed to have been a machinery fault.

Fire-fighters were called to the building on York Road in Northern Ireland's capital - a Thompsons animal feed plant - at around 3am.

Nine fire engines attended the scene and fire crews battled to put out flames, which are thought to have originated on the third floor following a mechanical problem.

The fire spread through ducting in the factory and this created difficult conditions for the fire-fighters to tackle the blaze.

Under the Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 and the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006, all commercial properties in Northern Ireland are required to have carried out a suitable fire risk assessment

Responsible individuals can face up to two years in jail or an unlimited fine if fire risk assessment is found to have been insufficient.

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