Fire crews tackle restaurant blazes

05 Mar 2013

Firefighters from Tayside and South Wales fire and rescue services were called to fight two fires in eateries at opposite ends of the UK on Sunday.

In Dundee, staff and customers escaped from the Jahangir restaurant on Session Street when smoke was spotted coming from its roof.

Tayside station manager Graeme Christie said the fire only affected the roof and did not spread inside. His officers dealt with the blaze and remained on site until they were sure there was no further danger.

Owner Ali Mohammed was able to reopen the restaurant to customers later that day.

Another restaurant, this time in Cardiff, was severely damaged by a blaze in the early hours of Sunday.

Fire crews from Cardiff central and Ely were called to the City Road premises at 1.52am.

No one was injured in the fire but its cause is being investigated by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

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