Fire cover provision under review

02 Apr 2014

Fire cover provided for North Yorkshire is set for a review.

The service is to look at incidents over the previous five years, with particular emphasis on the how crews have dealt with situations. The study will examine the provision of resources, and whether or not the number of fire stations and engines should be changed.

The move comes in the wake of budget cuts announced by the coalition Government, with a view of looking at crewing levels and operations as well as the effect on the service of a reduced number of callouts.

There was a 32% drop in such cases in the past 10 years, with 11,248 recorded in 2002/03, down to 7,569 in 2012/13. The review will take place until the end of 2014, prior to a public consultation throughout 2015. Any changes made following this will be brought in by April 2016.

A spokeswoman for the service was quoted by the Northern Echo as saying that the service wanted feedback from the public on what it is proposing. People wishing to air opinions can fill out online forms, or appear in person at a number of drop-in sessions open to the public across the country.

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