Fears over faulty fuse board fires

01 Jul 2014

There were five times as many fires caused by faulty fuse boards in the capital last year than in 2009-10, according to the London Fire Brigade (LFB).

The LFB says it responded to a total of 253 call-outs in 2013-14 that it discovered were the result of fuse board faults, while there were just 54 such blazes five years ago.

Poor wiring, component faults and use of moulded plastic are among the reasons for fuse boards catching fire, the city's fire services reveals. It says plastic fuse boards are less fire-resistant than other kinds.

Fire officers are urging landlords, homeowners and business facilities management teams to examine fuse boards in their properties for scorch marks, faults and other damage and make sure they are on the Electrical Safety First recall list.

From January 2015 all fuse boards must either be in a fireproof box or made of a fire resistant material.

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