False alarm costs in graphic detail

12 Jun 2013

The Fire Industry Association has launched an infographic as part of an ongoing campaign to highlight the cost of false alarms.

Fire services attended 312,000 false alarms between 2011 and 2012, costing a total of £1 billion.

The infographic features these statistics as well as showing how to prevent many of the factors associated with false alarms, including cooking fumes, steam and accidental damage to 'break glass' points.

Businesses can also ensure their fire detection technology is functioning properly by arranging for regular servicing to detect any faults and by making sure they are rectified before they cause a problem.

The initiative is part of the Cut False Alarm Costs campaign, which began in July last year and highlights how money can be saved through properly managing detection systems.

Not only are false alarms a waste of time and money for fire crews, but they also disrupt a business's activities and subsequently damage productivity.

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