Fall in false fire alarm cases

28 Jun 2013

A reduction in the number of false alarms saves fire services in England £10 million per year, new research suggests.

In times of recession, fire and rescue departments are looking to businesses to help them save time and prevent unnecessary costs by ensuring their fire safety equipment has been properly maintained and monitored.

Statistics released by the Department for Communities and Local Government show that attempts to educate people on how to avoid false activations have been successful, with 38% less false alarms in the past year compared to the levels recorded a decade ago.

On the positive figures, Graham Ellicott, chief executive officer at the Fire Industry Association, said: "A drop in the number of false alarms from automatic fire alarm systems is always welcome and the reduction of just over 16,000 incidents attended from last year's number is a testimony to the good work carried out by all the involved fire stakeholders.

"Plus it saves approximately £10 million per year for the fire and rescue service."

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