Fake electric cables 'must be stopped'

19 Dec 2012

Sub-standard electrical cables can create fire dangers and even deaths in homes and in commercial enterprises and action must be taken to stop the problem, it has been claimed.

The chief executive of cabling specialist Prysmian Group, Paul Atkinson, is urging the Government to make strident steps to keep counterfeit and poor-quality cables from being imported into the UK.

Mr Atkinson said fake and sub-standard electrical cables can be huge fire risks and the sometimes poisonous fumes they give off when burned can render inoperable emergency and fire alarms and lighting networks.

He said that electrical distribution defects cause about 7,000 fires annually.

Statistics from the Department for Communities and Local Government reveal that deaths from these fires have increased three-fold since 2004.

Mr Atkinson said that correcting the situation requires tougher rules to keep track of the quality of goods entering the UK from international producers.

To increase public understanding of the risks of counterfeit and shoddy cables, the Prysmian Group intends to ask MPs to its UK factories to talk about the matter.

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