Failure to Comply with the Fire Safety Order puts Lives at Risk

16 Aug 2011

A recent survey by the Fire Industry Association provides stark evidence that many businesses continue to put the lives of building occupants at risk.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which has now been on the statute book for nearly five years places very clear responsibilities on those owning or managing premises to ensure action is taken to identify and then eliminate all potential sources of fire risk to building occupants.  Evidence of what can happen when these responsibilities are ignored is provided on an almost weekly basis.

There is also growing evidence of Courts being prepared to hand out severe punishment to those who fail to meet their legal obligations.  There have been instances where offenders have not only been fined but sent to prison.  The sanctions are clearly spelt out in the Fire Safety Order.

The Fire & Rescue Services who are responsible for ‘policing’ compliance will accept no excuses for non-compliance and are vigorously pursuing more and more compliance failures through the Courts.

Making savings by not complying with the legal requirements is not an option.  It’s worth remembering that if anyone was to die as a result of fire safety compliance not being carried out, then the ‘responsible person’ is likely to face criminal prosecution charges.

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