Factory fires spurt ash near homes

23 Apr 2012

A number of homeowners were advised to keep their doors and windows shut after fires blazed at two factories in the same city just hours apart.

The advice was issued to Leicester residents who were allowed to remain in the nearby area after dozens of others were evacuated from their homes while fire crews worked to put out the initial fire at a Frisby Road building.

Roads were closed around the vicinity of the incident but no injuries were reported, a Leicestershire Police representative said.

But local residents and businesses were advised to close windows and doors, with thick smoke and ash spreading outwards from the fire.

At around 7.20pm yesterday, fire officers tackled another large factory fire at the Corah's building on St John Street in Leicester city centre, less than two miles from the site of the first blaze.

Members of the public were advised to avoid the area where the roads were closed unless absolutely necessary, with the roads not expected to reopen for some time.

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