Facilities key for 80% of students

07 Apr 2014

Almost 80% of students said that the resources available at prospective universities was a key factor in making their choice of institution.

A survey carried out by One Poll for the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE) found that 77% said that the facilities on offer was important to them.

Only the quality of the university course was considered a more important factor for judging a university to the 2,000 students questioned. The university library and IT facilities were the most used resources, with 90% of students believing that their university was carefully managed.

"These statistics show that, on the whole, students are happy with the facilities that their universities offer and that directors of estates are continuing to do an excellent job - which is great to hear," said Andrew Burgess, chairman-elect at AUDE and deputy chief operating officer at Loughborough University.

"The university estate is core to enabling the delivery of the academic mission, so it's key that directors of estates make sure they get this right. There is a clear link between the buildings and accommodation on offer at a university and the desirability of that establishment to potential students."

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