EU law may demand new safety signs

04 Apr 2013

Site managers are being asked to follow safety sign recommendations which may become European law.

Work site equipment firm Slingsby is advising that ISO 7010, which regards the use of international symbols on safety warning signs, has been changed to EN 7010. The switch could mean that the standard might become legislation in Europe and the UK.

QESH advisor at Slingsby, Martyn Lowe, said: "This will be a major shake-up of legislation surrounding safety signs and although the introduction date is still to be confirmed, it will affect nearly all businesses and public sector organisations throughout the UK."

He added that the reason for the move is that immigration is rising throughout the EU and growing numbers of foreign workers could mean that non-visual signs or those with non-standard pictures may be incomprehensible.

The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 require all firms to install safety signs where there is a danger in the workplace.

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