Energy audits mooted for big firms

16 Jul 2013

Large companies will have to undertake quadrennial energy-saving audits by law from the end of 2015 under new Government plans.

The coalition is proposing an Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) which will require larger firms to assess the energy efficiency of their buildings and operations.

It will help transpose the EU Energy Efficiency Directive into UK law.

The directive needs businesses to establish cost-effective methods to invest in energy efficiency and reduce energy bills.

This will be done via an audit by December 5, 2015, to be repeated every four years.

The Government says the scheme will help companies save up to £1.9 billion.

It will apply to non-SME enterprises and include companies, partnerships, charitable organisations and some universities with a minimum of 250 workers and a turnover exceeding 50 million euros (£43,260,000).

SMEs that are part of bigger corporate organisations may also be bound by the scheme, but public bodies won't be included.

Audits must be undertaken by qualified and/or accredited specialists or implemented and overseen by independent authorities.

The plans have gone out to consultation, seeking opinions on options on how to approve ESOS assessors to carry out assessments.

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