Emotional health boosts businesses

15 Apr 2014

Keeping emotion out of a business is often viewed as the best way to make it a success.

But new research suggests that employers can boost their firms' productivity by providing workplaces that nurture their workers' wellbeing and give them a better "emotional experience".

Psychologist Beatriz Arantes, who led the study and analysed workplaces around the world, says that working environments which are designed to do that lead to better performing businesses.

She said: "Emotions have traditionally been excluded and divorced from the workplace. However, it is in the best interests of organisations to support the wellbeing of workers, and the way to do this is to create positive emotional experiences at work.

"The second major revelation was that wellbeing was not just a benefit for the individual; it is completely in the interest of organisations. Creative, collaborative work is only possible when employees are in a positive state of mind."

The psychologist said that could be achieved by giving workers the ability to control the level of sensory stimulation around them, providing them with furniture that is easily adjustable and encouraging them to move about throughout the working day.

Her research was backed by office furniture firm Steelcase.

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