Device sparks alarm in Tube station

19 Jun 2014

Scared passengers ran out of a busy London Tube station on Thursday morning after an electrical device belonging to a male commuter started to emit smoke and sparks.

The incident at Chancery Lane underground station at around 9.30am caused people to flee the station.

According to British Transport Police the owner of the object left the tube train he was on as soon as he could when he saw smoke coming off it. Nobody was injured and the police spokesman said the incident was not thought to be suspicious.

It has not been revealed what the device was or who made it but the spokesman suggested that a battery in it overheated.

Several commuters took to Twitter to report what happened.

Jez Smith tweeted that his "crying girlfriend thought she would die," while Natasha James described the experience as "horrible".

Alex Townley wrote that the incident made for an "unpleasant start" to his morning.

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