DEC reminder for building managers

03 Oct 2013

Building managers are being urged to comply with new Display Energy Certificate (DEC) regulation or risk facing a fine.

Schal Sustainability Group, part of Carillion plc, issued the reminder about the Government legislation introduced earlier this year that requires all public buildings over 500 square metres to have a DEC in place.

Previously it was only buildings of over 1,000 square metres that needed an annual assessment and allocation of a DEC, but now any building of over 500 square metres can be penalised if it doesn't show both a display certificate and advisory report.

Commercial businesses are not affected by the legislation at this stage, while buildings protected as part of a designated environment or because of special architectural or historic merit are also exempt.

Buildings were responsible for around 43% of the UK's carbon emissions in 2009, with poor waste management and inefficient use of resources cited as key factors in the damage to the environment caused by buildings or other developments.

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