Daily fires at UK waste plants

07 Aug 2013

Environment Agency figures show recycling or waste management plants deal with a blaze almost every day.

The average number of fires at these sites from 2001 to 2012 was 355. There were only 246 incidents in 2001 compared with 425 10 years later. The 2012 figure was 302.

In light of the findings, Business Synergies Limited editor Phil Bremner has called for a review of recycling and waste storage practices across Britain.

He compared the waste industry to "naughty children waiting to be told to tidy their room". It should instead be proactive and use its unique understanding of the dangers on its sites to create a best practice code of its own, according to Bremner.

"There are sites which are very professionally run and do their utmost to conform to best practice, others require some guidance and help and some are run illegally," he said.

"By taking the initiative it will leave regulatory bodies and emergency services the luxury to concentrate their limited resources on the illegal rogue elements who are in it to make a fast buck and are bringing the entire industry into disrepute."

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