Cinema evacuated amid kitchen fire

12 Jun 2012

A fire in the kitchens of an historic Notting Hill cinema resulted in more than 200 moviegoers being evacuated.

The Electric Cinema in Portobello Road in the capital was forced to close on a temporary basis following the outbreak of the blaze, which saw plumes of dark smoke drifting from the back of the complex.

Owner Nick Jones said that there was no significant damage as a result of the incident. He told the Evening Standard: "Thankfully no-one was hurt and I'm confident with our dedicated team we'll be back to business as usual very soon."

The kitchen was the area most affected by the fire, with some repair work being carried out, although the cinema's restaurant also suffered some damage.

Officials from London's Fire Brigade tweeted: "Lots of interest in the fire at Electric Cinema including from @StephenMerchant the cinema suffered little damage. Fire was in extractor fan."

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