Chefs warned of dangers of unclean grease extract systems

05 Nov 2013

Chefs have been warned about the dangers associated with not cleaning grease extract systems. 

Indepth Hygiene Services has raised the issue after a spate of kitchen fires in recent weeks, most notably at Jamie Oliver’s Barbecoa restaurant where part of the ducting in the restaurant’s extraction system caught light.

It reports that on average, one kitchen fire occurs every day in London and in nine out of 10 firest linked to catering facilities, uncleaned grease deposits in grease extract ducting have ignited to make fires more widespread. 

”Grease extract systems are often not given the attention they demand because extract ducting from the kitchen canopy often runs hidden behind ceilings and walls,” explains MD Richard Norman. “Until a fire occurs, there are often seldom other clear signs of danger. But I am shocked at how many establishments still don’t prioritise grease extract cleaning; the costs of not doing so in terms of business disruption, damage to reputation, danger to the public and staff not to mention the legal implications can be substantial.” 

Grease deposits in extract ventilation systems must be removed for compliance with the Fire Safety Order, giving even greater reason for thorough cleaning. In addition to these requirements, many property insurers are now demanding kitchen grease extract ventilation ductwork be ‘cleaned in its entirety’ to comply with policy warranties.

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