BWF warns of fire door ignorance

04 May 2012

Leading industry advice organisation the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) is campaigning for a better understanding of fire doors among building officials.

The company is currently celebrating the 15th year of its pioneering BWF-Certifire Fire Door and Doorset Scheme, which aims to bring all doors up to a minimum standard of fire proofing.

More than 200 members have so far signed up to the scheme and 75 per cent of all fire doors sold in Britain are now BWF accredited.

But despite five million doors being labelled as safe in the last two years officials are still warning that some building owners, architects and contractors are ignorant of the their importance.

Chairman of the BWF - Certifire Scheme, Peter Johnson, said that fire doors are a "critical component" of fire protection.

He added: "Everyone involved in the manufacture, specification, sale, installation and maintenance of fire doors and doorsets needs to understand their roles and responsibilities when it comes to fire safety."

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