Buying power boost for Welsh FMs

13 Jun 2014

The Government of Wales has announced a new strategy that should give facilities management teams in the country's public sector more buying power.

It is thought that the National Procurement Service (NPS), which began last year, could save as much as £25 million a year when it is operating fully.

The service is tasked with reducing Wales' expenditure in six areas that are worth £1.8 billion a year between them.

One of the areas will be addressed by the Construction and Facilities Management Strategy, and NPS director Sue Moffatt believes it will save the country £5.7 million, around a fifth of the total target.

She said the strategy will help the Welsh public get more for their money.

The country's finance minister Jane Hutt says the savings would also be used to improve its vital services.

She notes there is a clear commitment in the public sector in Wales to save money, so emergency services, local authorities and health groups are among the 73 organisations that have already agreed to take on the initiative.

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