Blocked chimney sparks fire fear

20 Jan 2014

A blocked pub chimney fire raised fears of a serious blaze in Manchester over the weekend as plumes of smoke engulfed the city centre.

Two fire engines were called to the Deansgate pub on Sunday morning after being inundated with calls from concerned residents and passers-by.

But it turned out that the white smoke was caused by a blocked chimney flume at the traditional boozer.

"It was a false alarm but a well-intentioned one," said a GM Fire Service spokeswoman. "It certainly created a lot of smoke. We have advised the business to have its chimney cleared.

"We would urge anyone who has a working chimney and uses it should make sure that it is checked regularly."

The smoke, which was clearly visible from ground level, surrounded the lower floors of the nearby Hilton Hotel.

Staff at the pub admitted they got a bit of a shock as fire engines turned up shortly after they had lit the roaring coal fire.

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