Blaze proves value of sprinklers

21 Jun 2013

Sprinklers "saved the day" during a blaze at a Greater Manchester recycling plant.

The hydro system meant the Stockport firm will return to business quicker and also saved them thousands of pounds by limiting the time and resources needed to tackle fire on Wednesday (June 19).

Station Manager Chris Mycock, who was incident commander for the fire, said: "The sprinkler system saved the day. A number of sprinkler heads were operating, containing the fire in one area and the building was heavily smoke logged."

Mr Mycock said had it not been for the sprinkler system restricting the fire, there would have been much more material involved and crews would have been there for many more hours.

Instead, the whole operation was completed in just over three hours.

Firefighters from Hyde, Offerton, Stockport and Ashton fire stations were summoned to the plant on Ashton Road, Bredbury, Stockport at 3.25pm.

Four firefighters using breathing apparatus went in, jets were employed, the building was ventilated and the fire surrounded.

Crews then worked with an on-site team to dig out about 80 tons of waste.

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