Blaze destroys Sussex theatre

01 Apr 2014

A theatre and studio complex in East Sussex has been destroyed by a massive fire.

The Phoenix Theatre and Studio building on North Street in Lewes was ripped apart by the ferocious blaze on Saturday evening.

Fire crews arrived at the scene shortly after 18:00 GMT. They received 23 calls from members of the public who spotted the blaze when it broke out.

The Environment Agency was also in attendance, carrying out tests to ensure there was no contamination from asbestos in the roof. It took until 21:15 GMT for the fire to be brought under control.

Nobody was injured in the incident, according to a fire service spokesman, although the building has suffered enormous damage. Just the shell of the structure remains after the flames devastated its interior.

The theatre and studios, on the Phoenix Industrial Estate, cater for arts and media projects and events.

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