Blaze damages Bournemouth school

13 Mar 2013

A fire has severely damaged the roof and top two floors of a Bournemouth school building, resulting in traffic mayhem in the area.

For eight hours more than 30 firefighters worked to put out the blaze after they were called to Buckholme Towers preparatory school.

No one was hurt in the fire that began on Tuesday morning. The Dorset Fire and Rescue Service said it does not have reason to suspect the fire was suspicious.

An investigation into the cause of the fire will begin in the next few days or so.

Alison Hellawell, an eyewitness to the fire, told BBC News that noises in the middle of the night first got her attention and then she saw flames shoot through the building's rooftop.

Schools, workplaces and all commercial properties in England and Wales must have a "suitable and sufficient" fire risk assessment conducted in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

If the fire risk assessment is determined to have been insufficient, the property's Responsible Person could face an unlimited fine or up to 24 months in prison.

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