Blaze at Nigg Energy Park tackled

21 May 2012

Firefighters from Tain and Invergordon have tackled a fire in a gas storage facility at the Nigg Energy Park in Scotland.

Officers enforced a 650ft (200m) exclusion zone around the park on Saturday evening after the fire was spotted near a cage containing 50-litre gas cylinders.

The park was later evacuated, with more than a dozen workers being led to safety. The fire is now under control, but firefighters remain on the scene to try and cool down the gas cylinders.

The site used to be a major facility for the North Sea oil and gas industry and featured the largest dry dock in Europe

It had been unused for around 10 years before the Global Energy Group bought it last October and transformed it into Nigg Energy Park.

The company wants to turn the facility on the Cromarty Firth into a multi-purpose site for a variety of energy sectors such as oil, gas and renewables.

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