Bizarre blazes blamed on animals

27 Dec 2013

Animals caused three of the strangest blazes tackled by London Fire Brigade in 2013, new research reveals.

A dog, mouse and pigeon were to blame for three fires among a study of 2,000 call-outs in the capital. The research was compiled to raise awareness of fire safety but it uncovered some truly weird cases.

One involved a dog that turned on a toaster when it jumped up onto a kitchen worktop in search of food. The toaster then set fire to a nearby bag.
The mouse caused a fridge freezer to catch fire after it crawled behind it and shorted out its electrics. The pigeon started a fire in a chimney when it dropped a cigarette into a bird's nest.

Away from the incidents blamed on animals, a teenage boy caused an explosion by spraying deodorant on himself before a date and then managed to set the can alight, while someone tried to dry a toilet roll in a microwave oven after dropping it down the toilet.


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