Airborne bug scare school reopens

17 Oct 2011

A Bournemouth primary school has reopened following an airbourne bug scare.

About 420 staff and 180 pupils have returned to Kings Park Primary School after being evacuated when a number of youngsters suffered breathing difficulties.

The fire brigade said the cause was an "airborne irritant" but after the site was checked by officers and environmental health officials, it has been declared safe to reopen.

The retest found no trace and the source is still unknown. Other symptoms included head aches, dry throats and some irritated eyes.

Head teacher Tanya Bunting said: "I am concerned that we may well face the same situation again.

"That said, I am reassured by the emergency services that they found nothing untoward in the air and that they will be there to support us should we have any concerns.

"The early indications we had were of adults having respiratory problems, adults who were already known to have respiratory problems from time to time, we also had a little boy who is known to suffer from asthma so with him we did act quickly and sent him home."

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