17 people treated after gas leak

13 Mar 2012

Two ambulance crew members called to attend a suspected carbon monoxide gas leak in Cornwall had to be treated at the scene.

Four ambulances went to a food processing plant in Connor Downs, near Hayle, to attend a report of people feeling unwell.

But upon arriving at the scene, two members of the ambulance crew became themselves unwell.

Firefighters in breathing gear are now investigating the incident. The leak is suspected to have come from a food processing plant in Gwinear Road.

A spokesman for the West Country Ambulance Service said 17 people in total have been affected, including two of its paramedics.

"Our ambulances were first on the scene," he said. "None of the people involved is in a life-threatening condition."

A spokesman for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service said: "The firefighters are currently investigating what they suspect to be a build-up or leak of carbon monoxide."

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