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Firefighters remain at the scene of a major blaze at a popular Chinese restaurant in Derry city centre

12 Mar 2015

Over 50 firefighters are tackling the blaze at the Mandarin Palace at Queens’s Quay.
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Safety staff probe power plant blaze

01 Aug 2014

Safety officials are investigating the cause of a huge blaze at a leading UK power station.
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Fire engulfs 144-year-old Eastbourne Pier

31 Jul 2014

Safety officials are investigating how a "tragic" fire destroyed one of Britain's most instantly-recognisable seaside landmarks.
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Firefighters tackle food firm blaze

30 Jul 2014

Dozens of firefighters have been tackling a huge blaze at a food preparation company's premises in Northamptonshire.
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Firefighters tackle food firm blaze

30 Jul 2014

Dozens of firefighters have been tackling a huge blaze at a food preparation company's premises in Northamptonshire.
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Workplace fatalities fall by 85%

29 Jul 2014

The number of workplace deaths has fallen by 85% since the introduction of health and safety laws 40 years ago, new figures show.
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Blocked flats fire sparks safety plea

28 Jul 2014

The safety benefits of keeping communal closes clear have been underscored following a fire in a Scottish flats complex.
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Construction standards under review

25 Jul 2014

Facilities managers have until September 3 to examine a review of the occupational standards for management in the construction sector and put forward their views.
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Good office design inspires workers

24 Jul 2014

Most employees say the way their workplace is designed is good for their wellbeing but many think the actions of their bosses are not, according to new research.
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Fire in city science centre tower

23 Jul 2014

An overheating lift cable is thought to be to blame for a fire in the tower at the Glasgow Science Centre on Tuesday evening.
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New contractor safety guidance

22 Jul 2014

Facilities managers are being offered new advice on how to manage the health and safety of contractors working on their premises.
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Director ignored dust warnings

21 Jul 2014

A judge has sentenced a masonry firm director to 10 months in jail, suspended for two years, for allowing his employees to be exposed to hazardous stone dust.
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Offices see reduction in energy use

18 Jul 2014

Use of mobile devices and other new ways of working mean many offices in the UK are using much less energy than they are capable of, according to a new report.
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Smoke in jet cabin delays flight

17 Jul 2014

Passengers on a flight from Manchester to Faro had to leave the plane on Thursday morning after smoke was detected in the cabin.
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School reopens after roof blaze

16 Jul 2014

Staff responsible for fire safety at a Derbyshire school gave the OK to reopen it on Monday following a blaze caused by work being done to the building.
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Blaze at waste recycling warehouse

15 Jul 2014

Firecrews from across London are tackling a blaze in a warehouse containing waste waiting to be recycled in the east of the city.
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FMs warned over fresh fire strikes

14 Jul 2014

Facilities managers and those responsible for company fire safety procedures are being warned about a series of short firefighter walkouts this week.
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FM graduates 'should invent jobs'

11 Jul 2014

Facilities management graduates have a unique set of skills and if they can't find role in industry that suits them then they should "invent" one that does, a conference has been told.
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Strike prompts fire safety warning

10 Jul 2014

Businesses and organisations should always have a responsible person such as a facilities or buildings manager to keep an eye on fire safety but it is more crucial than ever on days like today when firemen are out on strike.
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Legal fight over disease outbreak

09 Jul 2014

Solicitors working for people affected by the 2012 Legionnaires disease outbreak in Edinburgh are preparing to take legal action to discover what caused it.
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Safety officials probe restaurant blaze

08 Jul 2014

One of the busiest roads in England's second city had to be shut during rush-hour following a restaurant fire.
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Illegal gas work risked restaurant safety

07 Jul 2014

The lives of customers and staff at a string of restaurants were put at risk after a firm and its managing director carried out illegal gas work, a court heard.
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Warning over air-con certification

04 Jul 2014

Compliance experts are urging hotel and restaurant facilities managers to ensure their air conditioning is certified.
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Explosion closes Piccadilly Circus

03 Jul 2014

Piccadilly Circus was temporarily closed on Wednesday night following an explosion in the area.
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Report reveals fire safety concerns

02 Jul 2014

Nine in 10 small businesses are not making sure they assess their premises for fire risks or take basic fire safety precautions, according to the results of a new poll.
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Fears over faulty fuse board fires

01 Jul 2014

There were five times as many fires caused by faulty fuse boards in the capital last year than in 2009-10, according to the London Fire Brigade (LFB).
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Energy audit warning for big firms

30 Jun 2014

Some of the largest companies in Britain face fines as high as £50,000 if they don't follow a Government scheme designed to save energy.
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Firm fined over gas blast at hotel

27 Jun 2014

A catering supply firm has been fined £7,500 for safety failings after a gas explosion in a hotel kitchen left three people seriously hurt.
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Millennials unaware of FM careers

26 Jun 2014

Young adults don't recognise facilities management as a career and many of them do not know anything about it, a new study reveals.
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Businesses hit by major gas blast

25 Jun 2014

Fire crews were forced to evacuate businesses and homes in Scunthorpe on Tuesday after a large gas explosion.
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Call for inclusive building design

24 Jun 2014

New buildings should incorporate inclusive design that takes into account how disabled people use them, it has been claimed.
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Fashion firm hit by warehouse fire

23 Jun 2014

Online fashion and beauty product retailer Asos is taking orders again after a blaze at its main warehouse affected £22 million worth of stock.
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New care home fire safety motion

20 Jun 2014

Facilities and buildings managers of care homes need to know more about their fire safety responsibilities, according to an MSP.
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Device sparks alarm in Tube station

19 Jun 2014

Scared passengers ran out of a busy London Tube station on Thursday morning after an electrical device belonging to a male commuter started to emit smoke and sparks.
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FMs connect at major global event

18 Jun 2014

Facilities managers from all over the world have succeeded in raising the profile of their profession during World FM Day.
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Crews tackle blaze at waste site

17 Jun 2014

Three fire crews are trying to control a fire which has been burning for 24 hours.
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Firms fined over fire risk failures

16 Jun 2014

Two Greater Manchester companies have been fined for breaching fire safety regulations, leaving their employees at risk.
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Buying power boost for Welsh FMs

13 Jun 2014

The Government of Wales has announced a new strategy that should give facilities management teams in the country's public sector more buying power.
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New FM game is out of this world

12 Jun 2014

What would a facilities manager have to do on a space station? Students in Europe could soon find out by using a new interactive game.
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FMs reveal their main priorities

11 Jun 2014

Facilities managers place more emphasis on keeping up their service levels while saving money than any other responsibility, according to a new poll.
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New EU FM Coalition body launched

10 Jun 2014

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has launched a new European Union-based coalition which aims to inform stakeholder groups and decision-makers on the importance of FM issues.
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Firefighter training centre opened

09 Jun 2014

London Mayor Boris Johnson is set to open a new training centre for firefighters in the capital which it is hoped will save tens of millions of pounds.
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Smoke forces evacuation of The Shard

06 Jun 2014

The Shard was completely evacuated on Thursday morning after smoke was detected in its basement.
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ITN link leads to new FM TV content

05 Jun 2014

The BIFM has enlisted the help of the broadcasting experts at ITN productions to create online video content for the facilities management industry.
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FMs 'lack supplier information'

04 Jun 2014

More than two-thirds of facilities management providers do not possess full details about many of their suppliers.
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Mining firm acts over Ebola fears

03 Jun 2014

Reports of an Ebola virus outbreak in Sierra Leone have prompted a British mining firm to pull out some of its workers from the country.
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Bid to bring FM and HR teams closer

02 Jun 2014

A new partnership will see facilities managers and human resources personnel working more closely together in future to get the most out of their workers, it has been announced.
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New report into international sustainability systems

30 May 2014

A report comparing the major sustainability systems used in five major economies has been published.
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FM conference to be held in July

29 May 2014

Facility managers and people interested in that career will get the chance to mingle at this year's Facilities Management Careers Conference in July.
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Plans put in to transform uni building

28 May 2014

More teaching, studio and research space will be provided if a £30 million plan to transform a building at University College London gets the green light.
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Sites at greater crime risk in summer

27 May 2014

Facilities managers are being warned that their sites are more likely to be targeted by criminals during the summer months.
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FMs 'need better service providers'

23 May 2014

Two in five facilities managers are not happy with the firms supplying them with services, a new study reveals.
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Assessment cuts costs at hospitals

22 May 2014

Trials at two London hospitals have proved the effectiveness of a new scheme designed to help facilities managers and owners of buildings make them more sustainable.
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Smart move for BIFM Welsh region

21 May 2014

The professional body for facilities managers now has a regional section in Wales.
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Firefighters tackle market blaze

20 May 2014

Smoke billowing from a blaze at a market in Camden could be seen by Londoners living miles around it, according to a fire service spokesman.
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Landlord fined over safety check

19 May 2014

A landlord from Blackburn has been fined for ignoring repeated warnings about arranging an annual gas safety check.
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Fire at student flats in Bournemouth

16 May 2014

Multiple fire crews in Bournemouth were called out to a blaze at a block on student flats in the centre of the town early on Friday morning.
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Launch of new fire-stopping scheme

14 May 2014

Facilities managers will be able to make sure they are meeting their fire safety responsibilities and get a certificate to prove it under a new scheme due get underway next month.
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FMs are good 'workplace mediators'

13 May 2014

Facilities managers are capable of revolutionising company workplaces to make them more productive and better for the well-being of employees, an insurance industry leader says.
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Jamie Oliver butcher's shop shut

12 May 2014

Mouse droppings and out-of-date meat at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's City of London butcher's shop were among finds which led to it being shut.
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Visibility is the key to FM success

09 May 2014

Facilities managers (FMs) need to be more visible if they want to glean more information from customers, according to a new report.
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Event focuses on energy management

08 May 2014

An energy management event will explore state-of-the-art measures to reduce the amount of power companies use.
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Health warning over air pollution

07 May 2014

The connection between exposure to air pollution while indoors and outdoors and disease is greater than previously thought, new research suggests.
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Fire union pension dispute drags on

06 May 2014

The Government and firefighters are no closer to solving their differences on pensions after a series of strikes during the Bank Holiday weekend.
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Tool to help FMs gauge satisfaction

02 May 2014

A new tool has been launched to help facilities managers get an idea of customer satisfaction with their services.
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More fire strikes over pension row

01 May 2014

Facilities managers could struggle to get help if there are fires in commercial premises in the next few days because of a series of firefighter strikes.
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Economic recovery boosts fire sector

30 Apr 2014

Optimism is gradually returning to the fire sector as the economy continues to show signs of improvement, research suggests.
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Bangladesh factory database created

29 Apr 2014

A database of factories in Bangladesh that produce clothes for UK retailers has been launched by Development Minister Alan Duncan, part-funded by aid money.
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Lack of building information trust

28 Apr 2014

Trust appears to be in short supply in the construction industry when it comes to building information modelling (BIM).
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New EU ozone law 'will have big impact'

25 Apr 2014

New European refrigeration rules which may have an impact on more than half Britain's commercial buildings are being highlighted by a newly launched campaign.
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FMs 'should be more involved in energy reporting'

24 Apr 2014

Utilising the skills and experience of Facilities Managers could be crucial in making buildings more energy efficient, according to a key experts.
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Office temperature is a problem

23 Apr 2014

Three-quarters of office workers find the temperature of their workplace uncomfortable, according to new research.
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Companies value FIA membership

22 Apr 2014

Membership with the Fire Industry Association (FIA) is valuable for the vast majority in some way or another, research shows.
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Advice issued over scarlet fever

17 Apr 2014

Guidance has been issued to facilities managers at schools and nurseries in the wake of a large increase in scarlet fever notifications across England.
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New carbon database for buildings

16 Apr 2014

A carbon database for buildings in Britain is set to be made public for the first time.
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Emotional health boosts businesses

15 Apr 2014

Keeping emotion out of a business is often viewed as the best way to make it a success.
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Fire at Edinburgh office block

14 Apr 2014

A blaze in Edinburgh took 30 firefighters to tame.
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Kitchen plan to solve extractor row

11 Apr 2014

The owners of an Indian restaurant hope a new kitchen will put an end to a dispute with local residents over a smelly and noisy extractor fan.
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New code to improve docks industry

10 Apr 2014

A new code of practice for the docks industry will "improve workplace protection for employees" it is hoped.
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Wales fire cuts consultation opens

09 Apr 2014

A consultation has started on the issue of where spending cuts will be made to fire services in South Wales.
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Fire at 17-storey building site

08 Apr 2014

A new block of student flats has escaped any serious structural damage after a fire broke out on its top floor.
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Facilities key for 80% of students

07 Apr 2014

Almost 80% of students said that the resources available at prospective universities was a key factor in making their choice of institution.
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Classes for construction law change

04 Apr 2014

Seminars are taking place across the country to gauge opinion on change key legislation governing construction.
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Building industry pay deal agreed

04 Apr 2014

A two-year pay deal involving variable wage increases has been agreed by the Building and Allied Trades Joint Industrial Council (BATJIC).
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Fire cover provision under review

02 Apr 2014

Fire cover provided for North Yorkshire is set for a review.
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Blaze destroys Sussex theatre

01 Apr 2014

A theatre and studio complex in East Sussex has been destroyed by a massive fire.
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Warning over high-rise fire plans

31 Mar 2014

A lack of fire escape plans in high-rise flats is putting hundreds of thousands of people at risk, according to the London Fire Brigade.
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£194m to fund new college builds

28 Mar 2014

Colleges are to spend more than £194 million in building new facilities, the Government has revealed.
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Fire crews ignore automatic alarms

27 Mar 2014

A local fire service has said it will no longer respond to automatic fire alarms (AFAs) in certain buildings unless they are given confirmation of a fire.
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Pub gutted by night-time blaze

24 Mar 2014

The owners of a pub and its guests have escaped unharmed after a fire ripped through the property.
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Lunch oven blaze sparks pub evacuation

24 Mar 2014

Customers enjoying a Sunday lunchtime pint had to be evacuated from a pub along with staff after an oven caught fire in the kitchen.
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FM growth on the rise across UK

20 Mar 2014

Facilities management (FM) enjoyed significant growth last year - a trend that is expected to continue.
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Scottish hospital shows improvement

19 Mar 2014

A hospital where 28 patients died in a Clostridium difficile outbreak six years ago has showed signs of improvement according to a report by the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI).
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Air conditioner behind Derby fire

18 Mar 2014

A fire that broke out at a Derby car park on Friday is thought to have been caused by overheated machinery.
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Move to simplify building regs

17 Mar 2014

Local authorities will be able to choose whether to apply certain building regulations under reforms designed to make housing standards easier to understand, according to the Government.
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Students want better food at uni

14 Mar 2014

University students want better food facilities and social areas more than anything else, a new poll reveals.
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Electric fire linked to shop blaze

13 Mar 2014

A town centre shop suffered severe damage in a blaze after an item of clothing was accidentally set alight by an electric fire.
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Blaze-hit station had no sprinklers

12 Mar 2014

A fire chief has admitted his service did not heed its own advice after an engine was ruined in a blaze at a station that did not have alarms or sprinklers.
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Fire safety updates for care homes

11 Mar 2014

Fire safety guidelines for care homes have been updated by the Scottish Government.
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LGA: Fire authorities need funding

10 Mar 2014

Council leaders have called for the Government to curb any further spending cuts to fire and rescue services.
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'Superbug' results in 16 deaths

07 Mar 2014

A "superbug" has resulted in the deaths of 16 people in Manchester over the last four years, the BBC has reported.
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Fire safety 'priority on farms'

06 Mar 2014

Fire safety priority on farm estates is being urged by rural insurer NFU Mutual after reporting paying out more than £2.5 million in claims for commercial fires in Scotland in 2012.
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Blocked chimney sparks fire fear

20 Jan 2014

A blocked pub chimney fire raised fears of a serious blaze in Manchester over the weekend as plumes of smoke engulfed the city centre.
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Facilities management course launch

17 Jan 2014

Office space managers or building regulators with no formal qualifications could soon benefit from a new masters programme.
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Ductwork fire at Florida store

16 Jan 2014

A fire broke out at a carpet retailer in Florida this week after the site's faulty heating system affected the store's ductwork.
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Doubt cast over food safety ruling

15 Jan 2014

Local authorities should be doing more to ensure certain businesses comply with food safety rules, according to a new report by Which?
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Number of UK work deaths drop

14 Jan 2014

New safety figures show that just under 150 staff were killed at work in the last financial year.
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Climate Week launch venue announced

13 Jan 2014

Final details have been announced for a seven-day campaign aimed at raising global warming awareness.
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ISS UK names waste services chief

10 Jan 2014

A new director of waste services has been appointed at ISS Facility Services UK and Ireland.
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Station closures see demonstration

09 Jan 2014

Firefighters will demonstrate against the closure of 10 stations, saying the move will compromise public safety.
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Blaze probe focuses on duct work

08 Jan 2014

Investigators are concentrating on the ducting and equipment of a restaurant kitchen as the possible cause of a fire that destroyed it and two other businesses in a US city.
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Fire breaks out in town centre pub

07 Jan 2014

A pub in Cheltenham was evacuated after a fire broke out in the cellar.
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Grease causes Maryland mall blaze

06 Jan 2014

A build-up of grease and other substances in air ducts is being blamed as the cause of a fire at a restaurant in a mall in Maryland in the US.
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Striking crews give emergency cover

03 Jan 2014

Firefighters in England and Wales have once again pledged to provide major emergency cover during the latest strike in their long-running dispute with the Government over pensions.
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Firefighters tackle Yorkshire blaze

02 Jan 2014

A blaze at a warehouse in Armley, Yorkshire was tackled by six crews of firefighters on Wednesday evening.
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Firms face false fire alarm charges

31 Dec 2013

Businesses in London will be charged for call outs from New Year's Day, if the city's fire brigade is forced to attend more than 10 false alarms at their premises in the year.
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Firefighters tackling recycling plant blaze

30 Dec 2013

Firefighters are tackling a blaze at a Teeside wood recycling plant a full week after it started.
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Bizarre blazes blamed on animals

27 Dec 2013

Animals caused three of the strangest blazes tackled by London Fire Brigade in 2013, new research reveals.
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Fire and police 'merger' hailed

24 Dec 2013

North Yorkshire's fire and police services are to begin sharing resources as part of a cost-cutting exercise.
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Changes to asbestos guidance revealed

23 Dec 2013

Asbestos guidance has been revised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to help businesses understand how to work safely with the harmful material.
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Listed building consultation on way

20 Dec 2013

Plans to simplify the regulations on listed buildings are currently being discussed in fresh consultation that will run into next year.
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Chickens rescued from shed blaze

19 Dec 2013

Firefighters were called out to tackle a fire in a poultry shed containing more than 16,000 chickens on Tuesday morning.
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Firefighters to stage new strikes

18 Dec 2013

Firefighters are set to stage fresh strikes over the next couple of weeks, the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has announced.
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Human factors driving work changes

17 Dec 2013

Human resource factors are bigger drivers of workplace transformation programmes than cost aspects, a study shows.
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Plans to reform petroleum storage announced

16 Dec 2013

Plans to simplify and modernise legislation on the storage of petroleum are to be analysed during an eight-week consultation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
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Alert issued on fire extinguishers

13 Dec 2013

The poor quality and reliability of some fire extinguishers bought over the internet has been exposed in an industry survey.
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Out of sight should not mean out of mind...

05 Dec 2013

While surface cleaning is of great importance, operators must not forget those tucked-away areas that still require attention.
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Indepth Hygiene - Ducting Fire at Jamie Restaurant

05 Dec 2013

Indepth Hygiene has issued a reminder to restaurant managers to keep ductwork clean following a fire at Jamie Oliver's London restaurant.
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Chefs warned of dangers of unclean grease extract systems

05 Nov 2013

Chefs have been warned about the dangers associated with not cleaning grease extract systems.
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Firecrews tackle blaze after blast

07 Oct 2013

Five fire engines and a total of 25 firefighters were needed to deal with a "severe" blaze in a Birmingham city centre cafe following an explosion.
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Environmental accreditation

07 Oct 2013

Specialist ventilation ductwork cleaning firm Indepth Hygiene Services has achieved the BS EN ISO 14001:2004 certification.
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Faulty air con behind hotel fire

04 Oct 2013

A blaze at a hotel in the centre of Cambridge that required the attendance of 11 fire crews was most likely caused by a faulty air conditioning unit, it has been reported.
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DEC reminder for building managers

03 Oct 2013

Building managers are being urged to comply with new Display Energy Certificate (DEC) regulation or risk facing a fine.
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Workplace injury rules change

02 Oct 2013

New rules for the reporting of workplace injuries have come into effect this week.
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Firms hit by rising worker costs

01 Oct 2013

Businesses paid more on average for office space per employee in 2012 than in any of the last five years, new research shows.
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Good hygiene is good for business

30 Sep 2013

Customers are becoming increasingly aware of food hygiene standards, and food businesses are being encouraged to do more to promote their ratings in order to win trade.
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Changes to accident reporting laws

27 Sep 2013

New rules on reporting accidents and injuries in the workplace come into effect on Tuesday (October 1st).
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Worker's fingers severed by machine

26 Sep 2013

A court has fined a building product supplier £30,000 for safety breaches after an employee lost three fingers in a dust extraction machine.
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Ducting fire at Jamie restaurant

25 Sep 2013

A fire at a Jamie Oliver restaurant in London yesterday started in the eatery's extraction system, it has been reported.
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Fire chiefs issue extractor warning

24 Sep 2013

A spate of blazes in commercial kitchens has prompted the fire service to issue a warning about the danger posed by poorly maintained extractor fans in restaurants and takeaway food outlets.
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Warning over fire strike services

23 Sep 2013

Firefighters may not be sent to deal with gas leaks, flooding, grass and rubbish fires and people trapped in lifts during the national strike this week, a fire brigade is warning.
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How good hygiene can drum up trade

20 Sep 2013

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) gives hygiene ratings to all businesses that sell or serve food and it is advising them how to use their ratings to attract more customers.
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Advice issued over fire strike

19 Sep 2013

Businesses are being urged to put safety contingency plans in place next week when firefighters in England and Wales plan to strike.
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Coolant leak forces shop evacuation

18 Sep 2013

Customers and staff had to be evacuated from the Sainsbury's and Marks & Spencer stores at Hedge End, near Southampton, on Tuesday afternoon following a coolant leak.
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Fire Door Safety Week underway

17 Sep 2013

Facilities managers are being urged to undertake fire safety checks during Fire Door Safety Week, which runs until September 21.
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Food hygiene rating publicity urged

16 Sep 2013

Restaurants, pubs and cafes are being urged to show off their hygiene ratings and scores to potential customers.
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Ham link to salmonella outbreak

13 Sep 2013

Cooked ham bought from small independent butchers could be responsible for an "unusual" outbreak of salmonella in England and Wales, health authorities say.
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Businesses 'need to keep adapting'

12 Sep 2013

It is up to businesses to ensure they remain entirely fit for purpose to meet future challenges, warns the president of the Building and Engineered Services Association (B&ES).
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Sprinkler 'saves Gateshead school'

11 Sep 2013

A Gateshead school was saved from severe damage after its sprinkler system extinguished a blaze before fire services arrived.
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Busy restaurant breached fire regs

10 Sep 2013

A former restaurateur unsuccessfully appealed a fine for breaching fire regulations, and must now pay a £10,800 fine as well as other costs, it has been reported.
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Report raps European fire safety

09 Sep 2013

European supply chains are lagging behind their counterparts in Africa on fire health and safety compliance, it has been revealed.
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Fire crews tackle Premier Inn blaze

06 Sep 2013

Premier Inn has apologised after one of its hotels and a nearby pub in Oxfordshire were evacuated as 50 firefighters dealt with a blaze.
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FM professionals get fresh guidance

05 Sep 2013

Facilities management (FM) professionals have been offered new practical guidance this week.
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Hospital fine over Legionnaires'

04 Sep 2013

An Essex hospital is due to be fined heavily after two patients died following contraction of Legionnaires' disease. Six other patients at Basildon Hospital were also infected.
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Firms warned over first aid reforms

03 Sep 2013

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will no longer approve first aid training and qualifications for businesses under reforms which come into effect next month.
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Superbug death rates drop again

02 Sep 2013

The amount of people being killed by the MRSA superbug is continuing to fall, according to official statistics.
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Low energy building boom predicted

30 Aug 2013

The market for sustainable and eco-friendly buildings is expected to rocket in the USA, according to new research.
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Firms back fire certificates return

29 Aug 2013

One in three smaller businesses want the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to be replaced by old fire certificates, a IFSEC Fire survey found.
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BIFM withdraws from merger talks

28 Aug 2013

The British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) is to pull out of merger negotiations with Asset Skills, CSSA and FMA, it has announced.
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Pneumonia fine for Wirral care home

27 Aug 2013

A private care home on the Wirral has been fined £40,000 for failing to manage the risk of its residents catching a potentially deadly form of pneumonia.
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Waste recycling fire risk warning

23 Aug 2013

Following two high profile fires at waste recycling plants recently, the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) is working together with the Environment Agency and the Wood & Tyre Recycling Association to review existing guidelines.
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RIBA calls for new environment role

22 Aug 2013

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) wants the Government to appoint a chief built environment design adviser.
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Fire strikes at recycling plant

21 Aug 2013

Fire swept through a large recycling plant in Stockport, forcing the closure of roads, with dozens of firefighters tackling the blaze throughout Tuesday night.
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Sheffield shoppers flee fire blaze

20 Aug 2013

Hundreds of shoppers and workers at Sheffield's biggest supermarket were evacuated when a nearby building caught fire on Monday evening.
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Fire safety signs guidance launched

19 Aug 2013

Fire safety signs and notices should be easier to understand with new guidance.
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Firefighters tackle kitchen blazes

16 Aug 2013

Fire crews in both Hertfordshire and the North East were called to tackle kitchen blazes on Thursday evening.
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Restaurant owner on hygiene charges

15 Aug 2013

The owner of a Stoke restaurant is due to appear in court charged with breaching hygiene rules.
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Rugby club devastated by fire blaze

14 Aug 2013

One of the oldest rugby clubs in Wales has been left devastated by what officials are calling a 'deliberate' fire.
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Free event bids to bust dust danger

13 Aug 2013

The deadly dangers of dust will be highlighted at an event being organised for the building industry.
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Fire sparks barbecue safety warning

12 Aug 2013

A London fire station has issued a safety warning after smouldering barbecues started two fires over the weekend.
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Fire safety rules strengthened

09 Aug 2013

The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) is beginning a new era in fire safety regulations with stronger rules for businesses.
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Indepth Hygiene Achieves Environmental Accreditation

09 Aug 2013

Indepth Hygiene Achieves Environmental Accreditation Specialist ventilation ductwork cleaning firm, Indepth Hygiene Services, has achieved the BS EN ISO 14001:2004 certification, which focuses on the environmental aspects of an organisation’s activitie
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BIFM publishes two new FM guides

08 Aug 2013

Two new best practice guides have been released by the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) focusing on benchmarking and space planning and management.
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Daily fires at UK waste plants

07 Aug 2013

Environment Agency figures show recycling or waste management plants deal with a blaze almost every day.
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Kittens at home in air-con system

06 Aug 2013

Air conditioning units have seen plenty of use in the hot weather during the last few weeks, but one system has been used for an entirely different reason - a home for a litter of kittens.
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'Alarm' over hand-washing failings

05 Aug 2013

Doctors who fail to meet hand hygiene standards should face disciplinary action, politicians in Scotland have said.
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Worker injured tackling diner blaze

02 Aug 2013

A restaurant worker was injured as he successfully fought to prevent a fire spreading at Dhaba's Diner in West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh.
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HSE website to speed up enquiries

01 Aug 2013

Enquiries made of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) are to be made easier as the body invests in its website and guidance.
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School building work safety checks

31 Jul 2013

A new safety initiative is targeting construction work taking place at schools, universities and student accommodation in the North West over the summer holidays.
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Hall review as audiences feel heat

30 Jul 2013

Sweltering BBC Proms audiences at the Royal Albert Hall have prompted a review of the ventilation system there.
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More Legionnaires' cases confirmed

29 Jul 2013

Health officials in Scotland say two new cases of Legionnaires' disease have been confirmed in the Renfrew area.
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Probe into pathogens in fresh food

26 Jul 2013

A Government body tasked with food safety research is to commission a new study into how fresh produce is affected by pathogens.
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Owners refused to aid safety probe

25 Jul 2013

Failing to co-operate with the fire services has cost the owners of a building £6,000.
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Legionnaire's updated paper planned

24 Jul 2013

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) hopes a new and updated code of practice will help improve the control of legionella bacteria in water systems.
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FMs to improve energy management

23 Jul 2013

Facilities managers who practice good energy management tend to spend drastically less on their building energy, water and waste costs than those who use energy poorly, new research shows.
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Nightclubs fail fire safety checks

22 Jul 2013

Two nightclubs in Bradford city centre have failed fire safety inspections following a crackdown in response to a tragedy in Brazil.
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Bid to cap workplace temperatures

19 Jul 2013

MPs are trying to push through a law that would require workers to be sent home if places get hotter than 30C.
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Sixth Legionnaires' case found

18 Jul 2013

Health officials investigating an outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease in the Renfrew area of Scotland have found a sixth case.
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TfL improves Tube ventilation

17 Jul 2013

London Underground has taken steps this week to extend the number of air-conditioned trains on the Tube network.
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Energy audits mooted for big firms

16 Jul 2013

Large companies will have to undertake quadrennial energy-saving audits by law from the end of 2015 under new Government plans.
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Fire crews battled factory blaze

15 Jul 2013

A huge blaze in South Yorkshire was tackled by 50 firefighters on Sunday.
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Warning over extraction systems

12 Jul 2013

Fire officers are alerting restaurant owners to the dangers of extraction systems after a third fire at London food premises in two days.
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Work accident reporting simplified

11 Jul 2013

Proposed amendments to simply the mandatory reporting of accidents in the workplace have been published by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).
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Ventilation warning after big blaze

10 Jul 2013

Restaurants have been urged to make sure kitchen extract ductwork and ventilation systems are kept clean, following a major blaze.
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Blaze destroys leisure complex

09 Jul 2013

More than 30 firefighters were needed to tackle a blaze that completely destroyed a leisure complex in Southerness on the coast of the Solway Firth in Scotland.
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Fire crews save 23,600 from crashes

08 Jul 2013

Firefighters in England are rescuing more people from road crashes than house fires, according to the latest data.
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Food watchdog 'needs more powers'

05 Jul 2013

Powers to compel supermarkets to carry out food safety checks and make the results public should be granted to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), Labour says.
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E.coli breakthrough sought in study

03 Jul 2013

A new study will discover which reservoirs are key in a strain of antibiotic resistant bacteria called ESBL-positive E. coli that lead to human illness in Britain.
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Fire sparks Chinese lanterns probe

02 Jul 2013

A massive fire which caused £6 million-worth of damage to a recycling centre has prompted calls for an urgent review into the use of Chinese lanterns.
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Firefighters hurt in factory blaze

01 Jul 2013

A huge factory blaze in Smethwick is one of the largest ever seen in the West Midlands, firefighters have said.
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Fall in false fire alarm cases

28 Jun 2013

A reduction in the number of false alarms saves fire services in England £10 million per year, new research suggests.
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Nut factory fire 'substantial'

27 Jun 2013

A fire that broke out at a Northamptonshire nut factory was described as "substantial" by fire crews.
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Workers evacuated in factory blaze

26 Jun 2013

Staff working at a Dundee textiles factory had to be evacuated on Tuesday morning after a machine caught fire.
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Warning over open farm infections

25 Jun 2013

Farm parks and open farms are being reminded of their responsibilities in protecting people from illnesses after a rise in the number of infections this year.
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New guidance on work experience

24 Jun 2013

The Government is moving to cut red tape and the burdens on schools and businesses in offering work experience opportunities to young people.
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Blaze proves value of sprinklers

21 Jun 2013

Sprinklers "saved the day" during a blaze at a Greater Manchester recycling plant.
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Investigators probe Walkabout fire

20 Jun 2013

The cause of a fire at a seaside Australian theme pub that has left 12 resident staff homeless is being investigated.
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Fire chiefs advise on revised rules

19 Jun 2013

Fire chiefs have issued a guidance document designed to provide clarity on the new construction products rules set to come into play.
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Toxin concern at Kidderminster fire

18 Jun 2013

Firefighters say they are doing everything they can to minimise the release of toxins as they tackle a blaze at a Kidderminster recycling plant.
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Massive blaze at recycling plant

17 Jun 2013

A major fire at a recycling plant in Worcestershire is finally under control, although firefighters remain on site as they dampen down the scene.
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Support for cleaning qualification

14 Jun 2013

The leader of a cleaning industry body has added his support to calls for a national qualification for cleaners working in healthcare.
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Fresh air can boost pupil learning

13 Jun 2013

Working in hot, stuffy conditions is never pleasant for anyone but now new research suggests that badly ventilated and overheated classrooms can hit pupil performance.
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False alarm costs in graphic detail

12 Jun 2013

The Fire Industry Association has launched an infographic as part of an ongoing campaign to highlight the cost of false alarms.
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Firms pay £2.7m in safety costs

11 Jun 2013

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has received just short of £2.7 million from businesses found to be in breach of workplace safety laws in just six months, it has revealed.
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Blaze puts Hydro opening in doubt

10 Jun 2013

A fire that ripped through the roof of Scotland's major new entertainment hub may delay the building's opening date.
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FRAs could be reviewed - minister

07 Jun 2013

The system of fire risk assessments (FRA) that is currently in place needs attention, according to the health and safety portfolio Minister.
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Hygiene breach leads to big fine

06 Jun 2013

Breaching food hygiene rules proved to be expensive for one Swansea supermarket owner.
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Library reveals full fire damage

05 Jun 2013

About 140 crates of literary material were destroyed or damaged in a fire at the National Library of Wales, staff have said.
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200,000 Time Outs burn in fire

04 Jun 2013

Time Out London magazine will be going out late for the first time in more than 44 years after more than 200,000 copies of the latest edition were lost in a blaze.
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Dirty takeaway receives £6.5k fine

03 Jun 2013

A dirty kitchen has landed the boss of an Ipswich takeaway with a hefty fine.
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Ventilation body re-elects head

31 May 2013

The association which promotes the ventilation hygiene industry in Europe and lobbies for its safety legislation has re-elected its president in the role.
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Care home evacuated after gas leak

30 May 2013

A care home provider has received a hefty fine after illegal gas work at one of its units forced the evacuation of frail, older residents.
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Atomic weapons firm in safety rap

29 May 2013

An atomic weapons company in Berkshire has been ordered to pay more than £280,000 in fines and costs for major safety failings after a worker was injured.
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Party clamps down on bad landlords

28 May 2013

Labour has called for an end to children being brought up in "damp, cold and unfit" homes after it emerged over 450,000 families are living in substandard rented properties.
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Hotel breached fire legislation

24 May 2013

Ivey Place Limited, the owner of Swansea's Grand Hotel, has been fined £1,500 after admitting six breaches of fire safety regualtions.
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Hygiene rap for SE London eateries

23 May 2013

An area of south-east London is home to a number of the worst-performing food outlets in the country for hygiene standards, it has emerged.
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500 tonnes of kerosene on fire

22 May 2013

Around 500 tonnes of kerosene caught fire at a cooking oil recycling centre.
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Flooding shuts A&E for seven hours

21 May 2013

Flooding at a hospital closed its accident and emergency ward for seven hours, it has been reported.
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Councils ignore building directive

20 May 2013

Around two in every five councils in England and Wales are ignoring the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, research suggests.
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Fire service 'needs transforming'

17 May 2013

More efficient operations could save fire and rescue services in England as much as £200 million a year, a report says.
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Decorators fined over asbestos

16 May 2013

A decorating company has been fined after exposing workers and members of the public to dangerous asbestos material.
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Property managers show hits road

15 May 2013

A dedicated show for property managers and facilities operators is to take place outside London for the first time next year.
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Asbestos found at ex-chocolate site

14 May 2013

Asbestos has been found in a fire at a disused chocolate factory in Derbyshire.
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Move for tattooist rating scheme

13 May 2013

Tattoo studios in Wales are to be the first in the UK to receive cleanliness ratings in a bid to raise hygiene standards, according to environmental health officers.
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Healthcare safety sharpened up

10 May 2013

New safety standards for the use of needles and other 'sharps' in the healthcare profession will come into force on Saturday.
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Probe begins into huge hotel blaze

09 May 2013

An investigation has been launched into the cause of a huge fire that led to extensive damage at a hotel in Devon.
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Support scheme for asbestos victims

08 May 2013

Workers who suffer from asbestos-related cancer will find it easier to gain compensation under Government proposals unveiled in the Queen's Speech.
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Centre boss prosecuted after fire

07 May 2013

A fire at a Clapham health spa which saw 12 people rescued amid dramatic scenes, has resulted in its former owner and director being handed a four month suspended prison sentence and a court costs bill of £30,000.
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FMs pledge youth apprenticeships

03 May 2013

The facilities management sector has pledged to help thousands of young people secure work placements in the industry over the next two years.
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Fan build-up led to restaurant fire

02 May 2013

A build-up of material in an extractor fan is thought to be responsible for a fire in the first-floor kitchen of a restaurant in Dorset.
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Tool firm's £24,000 electrics fine

01 May 2013

A tool supply firm has been fined £27,000 after a failure to maintain electrical systems and equipment put workers' safety at risk.
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Firefighters end curry house fire

30 Apr 2013

Firefighters have been called to tackle a blaze at an Indian restaurant and takeaway in a Scottish town.
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Fire delays Dhaka factory rescue

29 Apr 2013

Rescuing the last survivors of a horrific factory collapse in Bangladesh has been delayed because of fire.
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FMs called on for research project

26 Apr 2013

UK facilities managers are being urged to take part in a research initiative looking at some core issues surrounding facilities management.
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Care fire figures concern brigade

25 Apr 2013

More than 10 fires per week strike care homes and sheltered accommodation in London.
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Asbestos discovery prompts warning

24 Apr 2013

Schools have been warned to get their heating systems checked to protect the health and safety of pupils and staff.
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Poor hand hygiene caused baby death

23 Apr 2013

The death of a premature baby has been blamed on poor hand hygiene at a hospital unit.
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NHS wastes 157 hectares of space

22 Apr 2013

The NHS has unused property the size of London's Hyde Park standing vacant, according to a firm of surveyors.
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Firefighters tackle restaurant fire

19 Apr 2013

A fire ripped through the heart of an Indian restaurant in Halesowen on Thursday morning.
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Seven acre fire rages at paper mill

18 Apr 2013

A ferocious paper mill blaze which saw ten thousand tons of cardboard go up in smoke is unlikely to burn out before the weekend, firefighters have warned.
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Blaze leaves garage owner in limbo

17 Apr 2013

A Norwich businessman is still attempting to rebuild his business almost 12 months after his garage and workshop were engulfed in a fierce blaze.
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Fire service amends call-out policy

16 Apr 2013

County Durham and Darlington Fire and Rescue Service has stopped responding to every automatic fire alarm call-out at low risk properties.
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Copper hope in battle with MRSA

15 Apr 2013

Hospitals' efforts in combating the MRSA superbug could be helped by the use of more equipment made of copper and brass, according to new research.
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Carer saved pensioner from fire

12 Apr 2013

A care worker has revealed that she did not think twice before putting her own life at risk to rescue a pensioner from a burning building.
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FMs asked for sustainability views

11 Apr 2013

Facilities managers have been asked to participate in an annual survey to improve sustainability within their organisation.
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Care home fined for fire breaches

10 Apr 2013

A care home firm has been fined £35,000 for serious breaches of fire safety.
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Government launches AMR action plan

09 Apr 2013

The Government has announced plans to develop a new action plan to deal with antimicrobial resistance (AMR).
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Hotel group fined over asbestos

08 Apr 2013

A well-known hotel group has been fined £160,000 in fines and costs after builders and guests were found to be in danger of coming into contact with asbestos at a Kent hotel.
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Ductwork gutted in restaurant fire

05 Apr 2013

A fire destroyed the roof and ductwork of a south-west London restaurant on Wednesday night.
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EU law may demand new safety signs

04 Apr 2013

Site managers are being asked to follow safety sign recommendations which may become European law.
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FIRESA chief backs merger with FIA

03 Apr 2013

Fire and Rescue Suppliers Association (FIRESA) members will benefit from the merger with the Fire Industry Association (FIA), according to FIRESA chairman Derek Gotts.
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New-builds climate change call

02 Apr 2013

The Government has been urged to ensure all new public building projects are able to withstand changes to the UK climate during their lifetime.
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Views sought on first aid changes

28 Mar 2013

The Health and Safety Executive has launched a six-week consultation on proposed changes to first aid guidance in the workplace.
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Fire ravages Southwark building

27 Mar 2013

A fire has ripped through a three-storey building in Southwark leaving a devastating trail of destruction in its wake.
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Blaze engulfs London library roof

26 Mar 2013

Dozens of firefighters battled to put out a blaze after flames engulfed the entire roof of a London library and museum
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Tenants urged to uphold inventories

25 Mar 2013

Landlords and tenants have been urged to maintain an accurate inventory amid increased demand for rental property in England, according to a report.
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Suspended sentence for fire breach

22 Mar 2013

A London landlord who rented out rooms in a disused pub has been given a suspended prison sentence for breaching fire safety laws.
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Mice infestation at Hull takeaway

21 Mar 2013

A "dirty" pizza takeaway found to be infested with mice has been shut down by environmental health officers.
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Salads linked to illness outbreak

20 Mar 2013

An outbreak of a parasite that affected around 300 people probably originated in ready-to-eat bagged salads, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) has said.
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Car wash fire not deemed suspicious

19 Mar 2013

Local authorities have determined that Saturday's fire at a car wash in Blackburn was not suspicious.
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Crew battle blazing fire on estate

18 Mar 2013

Dozens of firefighters spent five hours battling a blaze on an industrial estate in the north-east last weekend.
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Crews fight Cheshire bar blaze

15 Mar 2013

Fifty firefighters tackled a massive blaze at a famous Cheshire bar and restaurant which is popular with celebrities.
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E.coli in some food vendor samples

14 Mar 2013

E.coli and Salmonella are among the bacterial nasties some mobile food vendors with poor hygiene practices are exposing customers to, according to a new study.
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Blaze damages Bournemouth school

13 Mar 2013

A fire has severely damaged the roof and top two floors of a Bournemouth school building, resulting in traffic mayhem in the area.
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Fire dealt with at Glasgow Airport

12 Mar 2013

A fire scare engulfed Glasgow Airport last week after a small blaze was reported in the arrivals hall.
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Residents flee seaside hotel blaze

11 Mar 2013

A fire in a derelict hotel in the Cornwall seaside resort of Newquay forced the evacuation of families living nearby.
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Hundreds evacuated from office fire

08 Mar 2013

Hundreds of office workers had to be evacuated from an eight-storey building after a blaze broke out in the kitchen of a ground floor cafe.
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Ikea acts over cake bacteria scare

07 Mar 2013

Furniture giant Ikea is withdrawing batches of cakes served in some of its store restaurants after traces of coliform bacteria were found.
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13 taken to hospital after blast

06 Mar 2013

An explosion at a factory saw 13 workers taken to hospital.
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Fire crews tackle restaurant blazes

05 Mar 2013

Firefighters from Tayside and South Wales fire and rescue services were called to fight two fires in eateries at opposite ends of the UK on Sunday.
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Builders tackle health centre blaze

04 Mar 2013

Builders have turned firefighters to tackle a blaze at a Cornish mental health facility.
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Whisky ignites warehouse blaze

01 Mar 2013

Two workers fled a whisky warehouse blaze after a jet of the spirit hit a light fitting, engulfing a forklift truck in flames, a court heard.
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Crews fight fire at empty school

28 Feb 2013

Fire crews were called out to a fire at a former primary school in Glasgow.
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24 left homeless after pub blaze

27 Feb 2013

Two dozen people have been left homeless after fire tore through a block of flats in Scotland.
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Gas leak suspected in triple death

26 Feb 2013

Three family members died of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning at a caravan park in Cornwall, investigators have said.
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Huge blaze at pharmaceutical firm

25 Feb 2013

Firefighters spent around eight hours fighting a huge fire at a pharmaceutical testing facility in Derbyshire.
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First aid guidance for businesses

22 Feb 2013

New draft guidance has been published to help employers with proposed changes to first aid in the workplace.
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Sweet firm fined over hand injury

21 Feb 2013

A Northampton confectionery manufacturer has been prosecuted for safety failings after an employee's hand was mauled in a machine.
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Waste sector safety record tackled

20 Feb 2013

A landmark summit has been held to address the poor health and safety record of the waste and recycling industry.
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Huge fire at former asbestos plant

19 Feb 2013

Local residents were told to close their windows and doors when a fire broke out at a former asbestos factory in Greater Manchester, early on Friday morning.
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Beatles hotel evacuated after fire

18 Feb 2013

A Beatles-themed hotel in Liverpool was evacuated last week after a fire was thought to have broken out in the penthouse suite.
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Narrow escape from pub chimney fire

15 Feb 2013

A pub in North Yorkshire narrowly avoided serious structural damage after a chimney blaze got out of control.
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Council accused of safety failures

14 Feb 2013

Reading Borough Council has been accused of failing to complete several fire safety checks and balances.
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Hostel owner fined over fire safety

13 Feb 2013

The owner of a hostel in Northern Ireland has been prosecuted after being found guilty of breaching fire safety legislation.
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Firefighter recalls fatal fire

12 Feb 2013

A firefighter has described the events that led to six people losing their lives in a fire at Lakanal House in south-east London in July 2009.
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Wards evacuated after hospital fire

11 Feb 2013

Staff and patients were rushed to safety after a fire broke out at a hospital in north Wales last week.
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Guests evacuated in hotel blaze

08 Feb 2013

A fire at a hotel forced around 70 guests to be evacuated in the early hours of yesterday morning.
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Man hospitalised after pub fire

07 Feb 2013

A man was treated for smoke inhalation after a fire broke out in a pub kitchen.
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Firefighters tackle Glasgow blaze

06 Feb 2013

More than 100 firefighters spent almost four hours tackling a blaze in Glasgow on February 3 after a former bedding shop went up in flames.
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Aberystwyth chip shop catches fire

05 Feb 2013

Fire crews on the west coast of Wales had to react quickly to extinguish a blaze at a fish and chip shop in the centre of Aberystwyth.
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£2m work on fire-struck stadium

04 Feb 2013

Quibell Park Stadium in Scunthorpe is set to undergo a £2 million refurbishment following a fire that badly damaged the grandstand last November.
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Fire engulfs south London flats

01 Feb 2013

Residents were forced to evacuate flats above a restaurant in south-east London when a fire engulfed the building early this morning.
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New probe into 2011 Kirkby fire

31 Jan 2013

A new investigation is set to be launched into a fire at a Merseyside factory back in 2011, after an admission of liability by the factory's owners.
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Restaurant set to reopen after fire

30 Jan 2013

A fire-hit restaurant is preparing to reopen after a blaze put the business out of action for four months.
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Gloucester crews battle pub blaze

29 Jan 2013

Fire crews in Gloucester have been praised for the speed of their response as they prevented a blaze at a pub from spreading.
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Fire breaches land firm in trouble

28 Jan 2013

A chemical manufacturing firm in Greater Manchester has been fined after breaching several fire safety laws, according to a report.
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Yeovil pub fire 'still a mystery'

25 Jan 2013

Officials have been unable to deduce the cause of a fire that ripped through a pub in Yeovil earlier this month.
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Wales backs scores on the door law

24 Jan 2013

Welsh eating establishments will be made to prominently display their hygiene ratings.
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Blaze forces restaurant closure

23 Jan 2013

A blaze tore through the heart of an Italian restaurant in Brighton at the weekend, leaving its owner "devastated" at the extent of the damage.
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Blaze destroys Blackpool hotel

22 Jan 2013

An investigation is under way to find out the cause of a fire that destroyed a hotel in the centre of Blackpool.
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Garage fire started with explosion

21 Jan 2013

An electrical fault is believed to have been responsible for an explosion heard in Plymouth around midnight on Wednesday, January 16, which led to a fire breaking out at a car repair garage.
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Wood recycling plant still burning

18 Jan 2013

A fire at a wood recycling plant in Hertfordshire is still smouldering more than two months after it started.
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Rowing club awaits clubhouse ruling

17 Jan 2013

A Berkshire rowing club that was devastated by a fire is waiting to see if it has permission to build a new £2.5 million facility.
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Company fined over health breach

16 Jan 2013

A paint sprayer suffered severe injuries after working with harmful substances at a Cambridge instrument company, leading to a £9,000 fine for the firm.
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Woman re-enters blaze to save pets

15 Jan 2013

A Dorset fire chief has criticised a woman after she re-entered her burning flat to rescue her pet hamsters.
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Freezer suspected in Co-op fire

14 Jan 2013

A major fire that broke out in a Co-operative store is believed to have been caused by a faulty freezer.
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Somerset pub destroyed by fire

11 Jan 2013

A Somerset pub was "severely damaged" when fire engulfed its ground and first floors.
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Fire hits Basildon shopping parade

10 Jan 2013

Fire broke out at a shop in Essex on January 3 before spreading to several neighbouring stores.
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Cat owners anxious after fire kills

09 Jan 2013

Two cats are dead with another 18 missing - after a fire destroyed a cattery.
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Poor food hygiene at expert's hotel

08 Jan 2013

A former presenter of Channel 5's The Hotel Inspector has hit out after a council gave her own hotel a one-out-of-five food hygiene rating.
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Hotel evacuated after gas leak

07 Jan 2013

Fire crews were forced to evacuate guests at the luxury Sandbanks Hotel after a suspected leak of chlorine gas and liquid on Friday morning.
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Transmitter fire cuts out signal

04 Jan 2013

Thousands of homes had their television and radio services disrupted by a suspected arson attack at the site of a transmitter.
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Court fines Thai restaurant owner

03 Jan 2013

A Thai restaurant owner failed to comply with a prohibition notice after an inspection uncovered serious fire safety failings, magistrates heard.
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Warehouse inferno was 'accidental'

02 Jan 2013

A blaze which wrecked not only a warehouse but several of its firms' hopes of a happy new year was not the result of arson, reports indicate.
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Fine for food chemicals exposure

31 Dec 2012

Exposing employees to hazardous chemicals used for flavouring and smell purposes in food production, has led to a chemical manufacturing company in Daventry being fined.
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Lightning strikes cause two fires

28 Dec 2012

Bad weather is being blamed for two fires in Bournemouth which damaged a school and a hotel.
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HSE wants chemical law consultation

27 Dec 2012

A new consultation has been launched by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), regarding alterations to the laws concerning chemicals.
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Clothing store breaches fire safety

24 Dec 2012

A retailer ended up in court after one of its clothes stores breached fire safety legislation.
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Residents safe after care home fire

21 Dec 2012

A blaze in a Scottish care home forced firefighters to evacuate around 50 elderly residents in the early hours of Tuesday.
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Turkeys escape an early roasting

20 Dec 2012

Hundreds of turkeys were almost roasted early this Christmas after buildings caught fire at a farm in Hampshire.
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Fake electric cables 'must be stopped'

19 Dec 2012

Sub-standard electrical cables can create fire dangers and even deaths in homes and in commercial enterprises and action must be taken to stop the problem, it has been claimed.
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Pair nearly sleep through flat fire

18 Dec 2012

A woman and her child have had to be rescued from a flat in Kent after a blaze broke out in the shop below while they were sleeping.
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Norovirus hits second cruise liner

17 Dec 2012

A second P&O cruise liner has arrived back in the UK after passengers on board fell ill with the norovirus vomiting illness.
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Fire safety lessons for singer

14 Dec 2012

Chris Martin has been offered the chance to receive free safety lessons from firefighters after his wife, Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, revealed all about his culinary disasters.
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Fire sweeps through recycling plant

14 Dec 2012

Several roads were closed and buildings evacuated after a large fire swept through a recycling plant in Worcestershire.
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Poor hygiene puts gym goers at risk

13 Dec 2012

The health benefits of working out at the gym could be undermined by the poor hygiene etiquette of fellow users, new research has revealed.
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Cooker defect claims eight victims

12 Dec 2012

Eight people have now died because of a "known" manufacturing fault on a cooker, an inquest in Cornwall into the death of two men from carbon monoxide poisoning has revealed.
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Turkeys survive to die another day

11 Dec 2012

A hundred turkeys were nearly roasted early this Christmas after a blaze in a barn in Gloucestershire.
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Fuel depot fire may have been arson

10 Dec 2012

A fire at a fuel depot in Suffolk may have been started deliberately, police and fire safety officers investigating the incident believe.
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Fire devastates Norfolk thrift shop

07 Dec 2012

The proprietors of a Norfolk charity shop are lamenting the destruction of uninsured stock worth thousands of pounds following a fire at the shop on Thursday December 6th.
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Toxic gas leaves 18 in hospital

06 Dec 2012

Toxic gas leaked from a ship docked at a harbour in Northern Ireland leaving 18 people needing hospital treatment.
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Flat blaze kills 91-year-old woman

05 Dec 2012

A 91-year-old woman died in a blaze at a flat in Manchester in the early hours of Tuesday morning.
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Surrey Police probe nursery fire

04 Dec 2012

Local police are investigating after an early morning blaze devastated a nursery school in Surrey last weekend.
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Fire station damaged in major blaze

03 Dec 2012

A fire station in North Berwick has been seriously damaged after a major blaze ripped through the building, according to reports.
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N Ireland hospital fire accidental

30 Nov 2012

The fire at Altnagelvin Hospital that set off a large evacuation began in a small electrical equipment storage room, according to a fire service spokesperson.
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Fires spark Christmas safety alert

29 Nov 2012

Firefighters have issued a festive fire safety warning following blazes thought to have been sparked by Christmas candles and faulty lighting.
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Hospital has second fire evacuation

28 Nov 2012

Patients have been evacuated from a Northern Ireland hospital for the second time in a month following a fire.
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Residents evacuated after huge fire

27 Nov 2012

More than 70 firefighters were needed to tackle a huge blaze at a distillery in the West Midlands.
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Bosses slammed after latest blaze

26 Nov 2012

A wood recycling plant which went up in flames in Hertfordshire earlier this month has owners with a history of disregarding fire safety laws, according to BBC London.
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Recycling yard ignored fire risk

23 Nov 2012

The proprietors of a Hertfordshire wood recycling plant which caught fire a fortnight ago broke safety rules on several occasions, a BBC investigation has discovered.
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Hotel fined over fire safety breach

22 Nov 2012

A court has fined the proprietor of a hotel in Swindon for not giving information that the fire and rescue service had requested for a fire safety assessment of the premises.
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Fire crews tackle intense yard fire

22 Nov 2012

As many as 65 Essex firefighters were left tackling an inferno after an incident involving 160,000 litres of oil, 30,000 tonnes of paper and 30,000 litres of diesel.
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Fire crews tackle Essex oil blaze

20 Nov 2012

Firefighters have successfully tackled a large blaze involving 160,000 litres of cooking oil at a recycling yard in Essex, according to reports.
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£3k fine for fire safety breaches

19 Nov 2012

A commercial property leaseholder in Greater Manchester has been fined after fire protection officers found a number of safety failings that could have resulted in serious injuries or even death.
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Fire breaks out at stately home

16 Nov 2012

A large fire recently broke out at an Elizabethan stately home where the entire roof and half of the first floor were ablaze.
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Billionaires' Row home hit by blaze

15 Nov 2012

A property in London's so-called Billionaires' Row has been damaged by a blaze which engulfed most of the home's staircase, first floor and roof, according to reports.
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Hampshire blaze school evacuated

13 Nov 2012

A fire broke out at a secondary school in Hampshire causing the building to be evacuated.
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Charity HQ smoke-damaged after fire

12 Nov 2012

Fire has destroyed a national charity's headquarters.
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Aerospace firm fined for eye injury

09 Nov 2012

An aerospace company has been fined £17,000 after a worker suffered an eye injury while cleaning out a tank containing corrosive chemicals.
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Firm rises from ashes after fire

08 Nov 2012

Two years after its original factory was gutted by fire a family-run business has reopened in Bronte country.
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Fast food panic after Wycombe fire

07 Nov 2012

Workers at a fast food outlet in Buckinghamshire have revealed their panic after fire from an adjacent takeaway swept through the property.
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Workmen accidentally caused fire

06 Nov 2012

A fire that broke out at a primary school in Leicester was accidentally caused by workmen on the site, investigators have said.
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Fireworks scare at Alton Towers

05 Nov 2012

Firefighters were dispatched to Alton Towers after embers landed on a roof during a fireworks display on Sunday night.
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Manchester bakery hit by blaze

02 Nov 2012

A number of flats in Manchester city centre had to be evacuated after a major fire swept through a bakery located just below.
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Victorian pier blaze investigated

01 Nov 2012

Investigators are still piecing together the causes of a blaze on a Victorian pier in Swansea last weekend.
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Fire devastates kitchen company

31 Oct 2012

A kitchen supplies company in Yorkshire has been left devastated after a blaze broke out at its warehouse in the early hours of Monday morning.
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Baby taken to hospital after fire

30 Oct 2012

A woman and her three-month-old baby had to be taken to hospital after a pub caught fire in Northamptonshire last Thursday.
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Blaze at Lincs recycling plant

29 Oct 2012

An electrical fault is suspected of causing a blaze at a Lincolnshire recycling factory during the early hours of Thursday.
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Fire safety reminder for NW firms

26 Oct 2012

Around 70% of companies in Lancashire in north-west England have failed fire safety audits in the past year, prompting Safety Management to remind firms in the county about the importance of fire safety.
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Landlord sentenced over fire safety

25 Oct 2012

A landlord in Lytham St Annes has received a suspended prison sentence after a judge said that the fire safety failings on his properties were the worst she had ever seen.
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More cases in E. coli outbreak

24 Oct 2012

The number of confirmed E. coli cases thought to be linked to restaurant in north Belfast has now reached 90 - almost twice the number that were confirmed yesterday.
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Fire rips through Glasgow shops

23 Oct 2012

Around 50 firefighters struggled to deal with the intensity of a blaze that broke out in a row of shops in Glasgow.
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Fire crew tackles asbestos risk

22 Oct 2012

Members of London's fire fighting services had to tackle an asbestos risk when they attended a blaze at two former hospital buildings in High Barnet, it has been reported.
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Legionella outbreak shuts hospital

19 Oct 2012

Doors were closed to new patients and bed-ridden patients at a hospital where high levels of the sometimes lethal legionella bacteria were discovered in its water system.
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Ministers call for Asbestos reports

18 Oct 2012

The Welsh Government has demanded that all schools must deliver reports on their asbestos levels, in a move that has been welcomed by teaching officials and follows the closure of a school in Caerphilly County last week.
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Fire crews tackle laboratory blaze

17 Oct 2012

Firefighters attended a Northern Ireland university after a blaze broke out in one of its laboratories.
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Queen's University fire shuts lab

16 Oct 2012

A chemical laboratory at Queen's University in Belfast was shut for almost two hours as fire crews battled to contain a blaze.
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Technology prevents cooking fires

15 Oct 2012

New technology that automatically shuts down appliances if they get too hot could make domestic cooking fires a thing of the past.
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FIA urges restaurants to improve

12 Oct 2012

Incidents in Nottinghamshire and Essex have sparked the Fire Industry Association (FIA) into calling for fast-food outlets across the country to improve fire safety.
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Deadly bacterium could provide cure

11 Oct 2012

Bacteria which killed four babies in hospitals in Northern Ireland could be destroyed thanks to a scientific discovery.
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Patients moved after hospital fire

10 Oct 2012

Patients had to be moved from a ward after a fire started at a hospital in Cornwall.
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Risk from electrical items at work

09 Oct 2012

Personal electrical items that haven't been safety checked are putting UK workers at risk, according to insurance company RSA.
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Essex hospital action over outbreak

08 Oct 2012

A hospital in Essex that failed to protect its patients from the potentially deadly Leagionnaires' disease is to be prosecuted, it has been revealed.
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Unchecked items put office at risk

05 Oct 2012

A new survey has revealed the scale of the risk faced by companies as a result of staff members using personal electrical items at work without any safety checks.
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Sprinklers contain H&M store blaze

04 Oct 2012

A clothing shop's sprinkler system has been credited with limiting the amount of damage caused by a storeroom blaze.
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Devon hotel hit by fire in kitchen

03 Oct 2012

A fire in the kitchen of a 17th century hotel in Devon, that spread to a ballroom on the first floor, needed the assistance of several fire crews on Saturday September 29.
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More German gastroenteritis cases

02 Oct 2012

The number of cases of a vomiting and diarrhoea bug affecting children in Germany that have eaten food from school cafeterias and daycare centres has increased, according to health authorities.
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Hotel firm fined after airport fire

01 Oct 2012

Travelodge has been fined £13,000 after fire crews discovered poor fire safety measures at its hotel at Gatwick Airport.
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Landlords 'not meeting gas needs'

11 Sep 2012

An "alarming" number of private rental landlords in the UK are not providing tenants with an assurance concerning the safety of their gas appliances, according to new research.
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Council cracks down on landlords

10 Sep 2012

Two rogue residential landlords have been fined for a range of safety and licensing breaches in Oxford, according to reports.
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Fireworks 'caused hotel blaze'

07 Sep 2012

A fire that broke out at an Isle of Wight hotel was caused by a rooftop fireworks display, an investigation has established.
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Fire at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium

06 Sep 2012

Fire crews got an unexpected trip to Arsenal's Emirates Stadium after a blaze broke out in a ground floor kitchen, according to reports.
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Nurses pay price of cleaning cuts

05 Sep 2012

Hospital hygiene is back in the spotlight after a new survey found that nurses are being forced to clean toilets and mop floors in addition to carrying out patient care.
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Fire crews tackle paper mill blaze

04 Sep 2012

A host of firefighters were needed in Winchcombe on Saturday when a blaze broke out at a paper mill in the small Gloucestershire town.
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Hygienic furniture may save lives

03 Sep 2012

A young inventor who set about creating more hygienic hospital furniture after being refused access to his sick grandfather because of the risk of spreading infection is in the running for a major award.
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Police probe double arson links

31 Aug 2012

Detectives investigating fires at two hospitals are investigating whether an arsonist started both blazes after confirming they are linking the offences.
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Firefighters issue kitchen warning

30 Aug 2012

After dealing with three cooking fires in one day the London Fire Brigade is warning home chefs about the risks in the kitchen.
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Fire crew tackle warehouse blaze

29 Aug 2012

Firefighters spent over 12 hours extinguishing a blaze at a warehouse in north-east London in the early hours of Saturday morning.
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Seven homeless after care home fire

28 Aug 2012

Seven people have been left homeless following a fire at a care home in Essex.
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26 evacuated after chip shop blaze

24 Aug 2012

Residents had to be evacuated from their homes after a fire broke out in a Dundee fish and chip shop in the early hours.
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Fire-fighters battle Belfast blaze

23 Aug 2012

A fire broke out at a Belfast factory early in the morning on Tuesday, started by what is believed to have been a machinery fault.
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Factory fire prompts investigation

22 Aug 2012

An investigation has been launched after more than 70 firefighters were called out to tackle a huge fire at a haulage trailer factory in East Yorkshire.
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Lancashire takeaway damaged by fire

21 Aug 2012

A fast-food restaurant in Lancashire was burned to the ground after a fire broke out in Accrington.
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Fire closes pub in busiest period

20 Aug 2012

Following a fire in early August that caused £200,000 of damage, a busy Devon pub may be out of business until October.
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Garage fire causes £100,000 damage

17 Aug 2012

More than 40 firefighters had to put out a fire that tore through a car maintenance garage in Aberdeen on Sunday and caused at least £100,000 worth of damage.
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Fish and chip shop owner fined £21k

16 Aug 2012

A fish and chip shop owner has been fined £21,000 after it was found that the premises did not abide by fire safety regulations.
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Shopkeeper fined for fire breaches

15 Aug 2012

An off-licence owner in Greater Manchester has been fined £22,000 and ordered to pay costs for breaching nine fire safety regulations.
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Hunt on for E.coli outbreak source

14 Aug 2012

Health chiefs are searching for the source of an E.coli infection which caused the death of an eight-year-old girl.
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Huge recycling blaze under control

13 Aug 2012

A blaze said to be the biggest in London for several years has been brought under control, a spokesman for the London Fire Brigade said.
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Five rescued during takeaway fire

10 Aug 2012

Five people had to be rescued after a fire broke out at a takeaway in Glasgow city centre on August 7.
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Fire hits NZ London Olympics base

09 Aug 2012

A fire broke out at New Zealand's Olympics hospitality house, prompting the evacuation of up to 700 people.
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Compound targets stubborn bacteria

08 Aug 2012

Healthcare settings could benefit from a new disinfectant in controlling the spread of persistent infections, a study has revealed.
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Incense fire hits historic church

07 Aug 2012

Firefighters spent four hours struggling to save an historic Chester church from the flames.
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Takeaway fire forces evacuation

06 Aug 2012

Residents were forced to evacuate their flats above a fast food restaurant in West Yorkshire after a grill triggered a raging inferno at a pizza bar.
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Care home fined over fire rules

03 Aug 2012

The owners of a South Yorkshire care home have been prosecuted after ignoring a warning from enforcement officers and not meeting fire safety regulations.
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Fire hits century-old family firm

02 Aug 2012

Fire has wrecked a decades-old family printing business on Merseyside.
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Food factory blaze probe continues

01 Aug 2012

A massive blaze at a food factory near Plymouth is still being investigated in a bid to find out what caused it.
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Hot tub suspected over Legionnaires

31 Jul 2012

A hot tub is thought to have been the probable source of an outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease, the Health Protection Agency has said.
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Fire breaks out at Glasgow factory

30 Jul 2012

Fire crew in Glasgow have tackled a blaze that broke out in a derelict factory in the city centre.
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Fire safety rap for ex eatery boss

27 Jul 2012

The failure to provide adequate fire safety provision for people sleeping above a Tyneside Indian restaurant has landed its former owner £3,000 in fines.
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Chinese restaurant blaze put out

26 Jul 2012

A building had to be evacuated and fire crews called after a blaze broke out in the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant in Cardiff Bay.
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Hull tenants to get energy advice

25 Jul 2012

Hull tenants are set to get one-to-one energy help after a social landlord and an energy company teamed up in an attempt to eradicate fuel poverty.
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Blaze destroys shop in Belfast

24 Jul 2012

A blaze in north Belfast devastated a shop and caused considerable damage to many others on Monday morning, although there are no reports of any injuries.
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Huge blaze tackled in Edinburgh

23 Jul 2012

Firefighters recently spent a night battling a large fire in the centre of Edinburgh.
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Blaze destroys Essex scout hut

20 Jul 2012

An Essex hut frequented by a local scout group has been devastated by a blaze that ripped through the structure early last Saturday morning.
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Woman rescued from care home blaze

19 Jul 2012

An elderly woman had to be rescued by fire crews and taken to hospital after a blaze broke out in a care home in North Wales.
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Fire blamed on electrical fault

18 Jul 2012

An electrical fault forced a busy street in Worcester city centre to be closed, after a fire blazed through a popular sandwich shop.
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Tube passengers held up by fire

17 Jul 2012

A busy Tube line was part-suspended in the Tuesday morning rush hour just days before the start of the Olympics.
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Slight rise in chip pan fire rate

16 Jul 2012

One in 10 house fires are started by unattended chip or hot food pans, according to figures collected by the Conservatives.
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South London takeaway catches fire

13 Jul 2012

A Caribbean takeaway in south London has suffered serious damage after a blaze broke out in the early hours of the morning last weekend.
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Tenants living in fire hazard flats

12 Jul 2012

Dozens of residents are set to be evacuated from another large apartment complex in Dublin after they were deemed to be living in a fire hazard.
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Woman burned in hairdresser blaze

11 Jul 2012

A pensioner suffered serious burns when candles on a birthday cake set light to her clothes at a hairdressing salon.
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Suspected chemical leak in Essex

10 Jul 2012

A suspected chemical leak at a council office in Essex resulting in nine people needing medical treatment left no evidence of any chemicals that might have created the leak, according to the investigating fire service.
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Shed fire threatened big explosion

09 Jul 2012

An agricultural shed in a Devon farm was the scene of a fire which threatened to ignite gas cylinders.
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Jersey fire forces mass evacuation

06 Jul 2012

A large fire at a gas facility in Jersey caused hundreds of people to be evacuated from their homes, as firefighters battled to contain the potential explosive situation.
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Electric blanket sparks Surrey fire

05 Jul 2012

Fire crews had to deal with a blaze at a care home in Surrey after an electric blanket caught fire in a first-floor flat.
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Blaze broke out at business college

04 Jul 2012

Manchester authorities have launched an investigation into the cause of a fire after a blaze wiped out the ground floor of an international business college in the city centre.
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Fire at busy Sheffield restaurant

03 Jul 2012

A Sheffield street was cordoned off by fire services on July 1 when a fire was reported in the basement of a restaurant.
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Student hall evacuated due to fire

02 Jul 2012

A grill pan fire caused the evacuation of student halls in Reading on Thursday June 28.
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Service rescues pensioner from flat

29 Jun 2012

A fire at a Lancashire launderette led to the rescue of a 70-year-old pensioner from her flat on Tuesday night.
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Students evacuated after lab fire

28 Jun 2012

A blaze which started in a chemical laboratory at Cambridge University prompted an evacuation after two chemicals reacted and sparked a fire.
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Landlord injured fighting pub blaze

27 Jun 2012

Fireman say the quick-thinking actions of a landlord, who was injured tackling a kitchen blaze, probably saved his pub.
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Store closed over mouse infestation

26 Jun 2012

A shop was closed down on the spot and handed a fine of £1,500 after being found to have a mouse infestation.
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Schools told to install sprinklers

25 Jun 2012

After Tuesday's fire at Betws Primary School, near Bridgend, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) has urged schools to make sure they install sprinklers as part of any refurbishment work.
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Fire destroys classroom in Wales

22 Jun 2012

Some 200 primary school pupils in south Wales were evacuated from classrooms after a blaze earlier this week.
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Fire damages old people's home

21 Jun 2012

A huge blaze has ravaged an old people's home in Cornwall after a fire started in its utility room.
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Employees ill after council buffets

20 Jun 2012

Well over a dozen council employees suffered sickness and diarrhoea following buffets served during internal staff meetings.
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1.7m cases of food poisoning a year

19 Jun 2012

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has published research which shows there are around 1.7 million cases of food poisoning each year in England and Wales - working out at an average of 33,160 cases a week.
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Lack of hygiene concerns experts

18 Jun 2012

Experts are warning that the huge numbers of people in the UK during the Olympics could mean a rise in infectious diseases unless individuals' hygiene practices are improved.
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Legionnaires' claims second victim

15 Jun 2012

Legionnaires' disease has claimed the life of a second individual following the outbreak in Edinburgh.
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Asda fire exit 'found padlocked'

13 Jun 2012

Asda has been forced to pay out more than £55,000 after inspectors discovered that two fire exits were chained and padlocked at its branch near Slough.
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Cinema evacuated amid kitchen fire

12 Jun 2012

A fire in the kitchens of an historic Notting Hill cinema resulted in more than 200 moviegoers being evacuated.
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Fire damages 130-year-old church

11 Jun 2012

Fire fighters were called to a blaze in a church which is over 100 years old last week.
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Childminders want clear fire rules

08 Jun 2012

Childminders are calling for changes to fire safety regulations to clarify their duties in the event of a blaze.
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Probe into North Yorkshire pub fire

07 Jun 2012

A probe has started into what caused a blaze at a vacant pub in North Yorkshire.
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Fire sprinklers set for Welsh homes

06 Jun 2012

The Welsh government has announced all new homes built from 2013 will be fitted with automatic fire sprinklers.
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Men's unhygienic desks exposed

01 Jun 2012

Men's offices are dirtier than women's and contain significantly higher numbers of bacteria, a study has found.
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Seven E.coli nursery cases reported

31 May 2012

The number of confirmed cases of E.coli in an outbreak connected to a nursery has risen to seven.
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Fatal burns kill 27-year-old worker

30 May 2012

A man has died from severe burns after a fire in an industrial factory in Alfreton earlier this week, Derbyshire Police announced.
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Two men injured in factory blaze

29 May 2012

Two workmen are being treated in hospital after a fire at a factory in Greater Manchester.
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Fire crews tackle chemical fire

28 May 2012

Around 70 firefighters are tackling a blaze at a factory in London.
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Many homes go without CO2 detectors

25 May 2012

A study has revealed that thousands of homes in England are not fitted with a carbon monoxide (CO2) detector.
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Manager fined for fire breaches

24 May 2012

The boss of a Manchester clothing shop has been punished for a range of serious safety breaches, according to official reports.
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Infection rates drop in hospitals

23 May 2012

More than one in 20 English hospital patients contracted a healthcare-associated illness during autumn 2011, according to new research.
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Pub blaze battled for nine hours

22 May 2012

A blaze at a Staffordshire pub was battled by firefighters for nine hours after fire broke out on the ground floor as customers were drinking.
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Blaze at Nigg Energy Park tackled

21 May 2012

Firefighters from Tain and Invergordon have tackled a fire in a gas storage facility at the Nigg Energy Park in Scotland.
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Coursework sparks blaze at halls

18 May 2012

A student accidentally set her university coursework on fire, just hours before the deadline for submitting the piece.
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Pub fire reveals no smoke alarms

17 May 2012

A blaze that started in the upstairs living area of a pub could have ended more tragically due to the fact that there were no smoke alarms inside the premises, firefighters have said.
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City hospitals 'breeding MRSA'

16 May 2012

Large city hospitals are the breeding grounds of MRSA before it spreads out to other healthcare facilities as patients are moved around, new research has claimed.
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Fire safety dispute rumbles on

15 May 2012

Fire minister Bob Neil has had to intervene in a dispute over how to improve fire safety standards between an enforcing authority and a responsible person at an unnamed hotel.
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Worker saved from factory blaze

14 May 2012

A plastic worker has been saved from a massive blaze that had to be put out by up to 80 firefighters.
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Rebuild plans for blaze-hit hotel

10 May 2012

Owners of a family run hotel in Cornwall that was destroyed by a fire say it will be rebuilt "bigger and better than ever before".
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Workshop destroyed by weekend blaze

09 May 2012

A working garage in Walsall has been gutted by a serious fire, according to newspaper the Express and Star.
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Fire safety doors 'encouraged'

08 May 2012

A push for more buildings to have a higher standard of emergency fire doors has been encouraged by The British Woodworking Federation (BWF).
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BWF warns of fire door ignorance

04 May 2012

Leading industry advice organisation the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) is campaigning for a better understanding of fire doors among building officials.
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Chinese takeaway owner in hot water

03 May 2012

A Chinese takeaway owner in Cambridge has been found guilty of endangering lives through various breaches of fire safety regulations.
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Staffordshire warehouse fire probed

02 May 2012

A blaze took hold on an industrial warehouse in Staffordshire last week.
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Fire closes Sheffield Ski Village

01 May 2012

A ski centre in Sheffield has burned down after a blaze started in the centre of the complex.
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Pub blaze family rescued from roof

30 Apr 2012

Fire crews were called out to a pub in East Sussex to rescue a family from the rooftop after a fire broke out in a tumble drier.
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Six rescued from take-away blaze

27 Apr 2012

An investigation has begun into the cause of a fire, following the blaze at a Chinese takeaway in Leeds from which six people had to be escorted to safety.
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Gas explosion at car repair shop

26 Apr 2012

Flames engulfed a car repair shop in Wembley on Monday when a van containing oxy acetylene gas exploded.
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Fish and chip shop damaged by fire

25 Apr 2012

A fish and chip shop in Cumbria has been damaged after a fire on Tuesday.
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Call for greater norovirus focus

24 Apr 2012

More than 1,000 hospital wards have been closed over the past three years in Scotland due to a sickness bug, official data has revealed.
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Workers evacuated from factory fire

23 Apr 2012

More than 400 employees had to be evacuated from a pizza factory in Harrow after a blaze broke out on April 19.
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Factory fires spurt ash near homes

23 Apr 2012

A number of homeowners were advised to keep their doors and windows shut after fires blazed at two factories in the same city just hours apart.
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'Burns pub' destroyed in blaze

20 Apr 2012

Flames have consumed a pub that was built on the grounds Scottish poet Robert Burns's old school, where he went in 1775.
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Basement blaze in community centre

19 Apr 2012

A Fife community centre has suffered damage after a fire started in the building's basement late on Tuesday night.
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Fire causes minor damage to school

18 Apr 2012

Fire crews managed to extinguish a blaze at a school in Cornwall last week after it was engulfed by 20-foot flames.
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Crews put out city centre pub fire

17 Apr 2012

Seven fire engines and supporting vehicles were sent to tackle a blaze at a city centre pub in Edinburgh.
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Glasgow warehouse in city blaze

16 Apr 2012

A large warehouse fire in Glasgow has prompted an investigation after 30 firefighters were needed to bring the blaze under control.
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Blaze lands hotel owner in trouble

13 Apr 2012

A Salford hotel owner has pleaded guilty to 10 different breaches of fire safety regulations after a blaze broke out just over a year ago.
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Drink a major factor in house fires

12 Apr 2012

Last year a total of 835 house fires in Scotland had drug or alcohol impairment as a contributing factor.
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Members' club closed over hygiene

11 Apr 2012

One of Ireland's premier private members' clubs was served with a closure order over fears to public health.
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Takeaway landlord fined over breach

10 Apr 2012

The owner of a property that housed an Indian takeaway has been found guilty of breaching fire safety regulations after inspectors discovered that people had been sleeping in the building.
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Newsagent fined over mice droppings

05 Apr 2012

An Edinburgh newsagent has been fined after selling food contaminated by rodents to customers.
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Extra food checks before Olympics

04 Apr 2012

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is set to conduct 14,700 extra inspections of fast food outlets and restaurants before the London 2012 Olympics.
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Owner 'lit fires next to gas site'

03 Apr 2012

The owner of a company which manufactures pallets allowed fires to be lit at his site, which neighbours a gas storage premises, a court heard.
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Takeaway faces fire damage repairs

02 Apr 2012

A fire in the kitchen of a takeaway restaurant has left the owner with thousands of pounds worth of damage to repair.
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Food alert issued after woman dies

30 Mar 2012

A food alert has been issued by health chiefs in Northern Ireland regarding chemicals used in food production.
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Minister criticised for fuel panic

29 Mar 2012

A minister has come under fire for calling on the public to stock up on fuel by filling 'jerry cans' full of petrol to store at home - despite warnings that drivers should not panic-buy.
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Fire service warned over casualties

28 Mar 2012

Fire services covering Edinburgh and the areas around the Scottish capital have been warned that they need to improve the region's casualty rate.
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£280,000 damages for BA stewardess

27 Mar 2012

An air stewardess has received £280,000 in damages after she was injured by an ice canister.
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Woman hurt in dry cleaners fire

26 Mar 2012

A woman suffered smoke inhalation during a fire at a dry cleaners in West Sussex, according to reports.
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Council plans for fire-damaged pier

23 Mar 2012

Hastings Borough Council has launched action to regain control of a fire-ravaged Victorian pier.
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Pub damaged after kitchen blaze

22 Mar 2012

A Portsmouth pub has been damaged after a blaze began in the kitchen on one of its busiest days of the year.
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Wedding arsonist faces jail term

21 Mar 2012

An arsonist who set ablaze the country house hosting his own wedding reception has been sentenced to six years in prison.
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Norovirus visitor ban continues

20 Mar 2012

Health chiefs at Chesterfield Royal Hospital have said a decision to keep visitors away from its adult in-patient wards during an outbreak of norovirus has "paid off".
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School evacuated amid asbestos find

19 Mar 2012

Hundreds of pupils were evacuated from a primary school after asbestos was discovered in the building, it has been revealed.
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Laundry fire at Wales care home

16 Mar 2012

Firefighters have tackled a blaze at a care home in Wales.
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Cornwall water poisoning criticised

15 Mar 2012

South West Water Authority has been strongly reprimanded for putting 20,000 people's lives at risk after thousands of tonnes of chemicals were dumped into the drinking water supply.
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Norovirus sees visitors banned

14 Mar 2012

A hospital is banning all visits to its adult in-patient wards in a bid to contain an outbreak of the winter vomiting disease Norovirus.
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17 people treated after gas leak

13 Mar 2012

Two ambulance crew members called to attend a suspected carbon monoxide gas leak in Cornwall had to be treated at the scene.
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Warning over Polish 'food' salt

12 Mar 2012

Industrial salt was sold to food producers in Poland, resulting in 230 tonnes of pickles, bread and other food being taken off the shelves.
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E.coli bug on banknotes - scientist

09 Mar 2012

The E.coli bug can be found on some banknotes and notes can harbour more germs than the average toilet seat, an expert in biological and chemical sciences has warned.
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Hepatitis A source still unknown

08 Mar 2012

An investigation into whether outbreaks of hepatitis A are related to sun-dried tomatoes has been launched by health officials.
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Probe into school blaze explosion

07 Mar 2012

Gas which leaked into nearby sewers after a school blaze near Glasgow sent a drain cover flying 30 feet into the air, firefighters said.
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Experts approve cleaning technique

06 Mar 2012

A team of scientists has pointed to hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) as being more effective than traditional methods as a decontaminating agent.
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Patient set on fire during surgery

05 Mar 2012

A patient was set on fire during an operation when a solution used to clean the skin ignited.
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Fire crews battle Shoreham blaze

02 Mar 2012

Firefighters have been tackling a roof fire in a building next to Shoreham Power Station.
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Tug row 'delayed Allegra rescue'

01 Mar 2012

A row over tug boats forced the disabled Costa Allegra cruise ship to remain stranded for an extra 10 to 12 hours, according to a politician.
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Celebrity chef hails aid after fire

29 Feb 2012

TV presenter Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has praised the "Blitz spirit" of his co-workers and neighbours for getting his River Cottage headquarters in Devon operating again after it was damaged in a fire.
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Listeria bacteria found in chicken

28 Feb 2012

Consumers of Flame Grilled Chicken Chunks have been alerted after Spar recalled a batch of the product found to contain the bacteria listeria.
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Two die at Antarctic research lab

28 Feb 2012

Two Brazilian people have died after a fire broke out in an Antarctic research station in the South Shetland Islands.
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Gas fitter's regrets over death

24 Feb 2012

A gas fitter has told a court that he felt "awful" that his work installing a boiler led to the death of a millionaire's daughter from carbon monoxide poisoning.
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Non-registered gas man dealt fine

23 Feb 2012

A man has been given a 22-week curfew order and made to pay £450 after inspecting gas work at an Indian restaurant when he was not qualified to do so.
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Hospital patients 'need fresh air'

22 Feb 2012

Overly sterile conditions in hospital wards may be doing patients more harm than good, one expert has suggested.
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300 evacuated in recycling blaze

21 Feb 2012

Some 60 firefighters and 10 fire engines were called to tackle a fire at an industrial estate recycling centre.
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Humberside homes get sprinklers

20 Feb 2012

Sprinkler systems will be installed in the homes of vulnerable people in a bid to tackle the number of domestic fire deaths.
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Homes to be fitted with CO alarms

17 Feb 2012

The government in Northern Ireland has announced that Housing Executive properties in the region are to be fitted with a total of 40,000 carbon monoxide (CO) detectors.
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Posters highlight CO poison dangers

16 Feb 2012

A 12-year-old pupil at Sheffield High School has won a national poster competition aimed at highlighting the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.
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Labour MP calls for asbestos audit

15 Feb 2012

A Labour MP has urged the Government to establish how many school buildings still contain asbestos and take appropriate action so that children's lives are no longer "put in danger".
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C. diff 'not only spread in wards'

14 Feb 2012

A new study has found that the bacterium Clostridium difficile (C. diff) may not solely be spread through personal contact with infected patients in hospital wards.
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Bug guidance for special care units

13 Feb 2012

England's special care units have been offered guidance on how to deal with pseudomonas bacteria.
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Celebrity chef's HQ damaged by fire

10 Feb 2012

Some 80 firefighters have tackled a fire which "severely damaged" the main barn at River Cottage Park Farm owned by celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
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Probe begins into university fire

09 Feb 2012

An investigation is underway into a blaze which broke out at a university building.
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Norovirus outbreak on cruise ship

08 Feb 2012

Almost 100 passengers have been taken ill on a Princess Cruise Lines ship after a Norovirus outbreak.
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Deadly bacteria found inside taps

07 Feb 2012

The potentially fatal bacteria which resulted in four babies dying in Northern Ireland has been found inside taps used in the hospital.
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Firm fined over washing facilities

06 Feb 2012

A south-west construction company has been fined £2,000 by Bristol Magistrate's Court due to lack of adequate bathrooms for its workers.
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Legionnaires outbreak kills two

03 Feb 2012

A British holiday company says a "scientific expert" was immediately sent to a Spanish hotel after a legionella outbreak was reported there.
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Risk 'minimal' at bug-hit hospital

02 Feb 2012

NHS Highland sought to reassure healthy patients, visitors and staff that the risk of Clostridium difficile infection was "minimal" after it was confirmed that an eighth person had contracted the bug at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.
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Health board admits safety failings

01 Feb 2012

A health board's failure to put in place a strategy to safely manage and control the risks of exposure to bacteria led to a woman contracting Legionnaires' disease, a court has been told.
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London blaze causes explosion panic

31 Jan 2012

More than 100 people were reportedly evacuated from a London factory after a blaze broke out, prompting concerns that gas canisters inside the building would explode.
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Deadly bacteria on hospital tap

30 Jan 2012

A bacterium found on water taps that was responsible for four baby deaths in Northern Ireland has been found in another of the country's hospitals.
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Woman injured by chemical leak

27 Jan 2012

A chemical leak at a Highland industrial plant has created a risk of exposure to ammonia.
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Poor hygiene leads to £54,000 fine

26 Jan 2012

A fine of £54,000 has been imposed on the owners of a Greenwich restaurant which repeatedly breached food hygiene laws.
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Baby death bacteria traced to taps

25 Jan 2012

Pseudomonas bacteria which killed three babies in a Belfast hospital has been traced to taps in the neo-natal unit, it has been revealed.
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Bacteria ward to undergo deep clean

24 Jan 2012

A neonatal room housing extremely premature and small babies is to be emptied and deep-cleaned after three died from an infection.
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Baby-deaths hospital deep cleaned

23 Jan 2012

The Belfast hospital where three babies died has now been deep cleaned and no new cases of the pseudomonas infection have been discovered.
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C diff strikes Highlands hospital

20 Jan 2012

A hospital in Inverness has seen an outbreak of the Clostridium difficile (C diff) infection with seven cases in the last month.
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30% 'go to work despite illness'

19 Jan 2012

A significant amount of people drag themselves in to work if they are ill because they are afraid they will be sacked otherwise, according to a survey.
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Gas engineer admits cooker offence

18 Jan 2012

A gas engineer has been ordered to carry out community work after admitting fitting a cooker without authorisation.
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Football club struck by huge fire

17 Jan 2012

The main stand of a Lancashire football club has been severely damaged in a fire, it has emerged.
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New blaze qualification starts

16 Jan 2012

Workers could achieve a qualification in the causes of workplace fires, thanks to a newly-launched vocational qualification.
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Homes 'must change heating methods'

13 Jan 2012

Households must drastically alter the way they heat their homes if the UK is to cut carbon emissions without the burden of massive costs, engineering experts have claimed.
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Vomiting bug hits Welsh hospitals

12 Jan 2012

The Welsh public have been urged to ensure they are careful with their hand hygiene following an outbreak of the winter vomiting bug in a number of hospitals.
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12 rescued after basement blaze

11 Jan 2012

A dozen people were rescued by firefighters after a fire broke out in a Glasgow city centre shop basement.
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Shopping centre evacuated over fire

10 Jan 2012

An electrical fire forced hundreds of people to evacuate a shopping centre over the weekend.
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Firms paid renewable-heat subsidy

09 Jan 2012

Two companies have become the first in the UK to be paid for renewable heat generation.
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Chalet fires at Pontin's resort

06 Jan 2012

Four people have been taken to hospital after eight chalets caught fire at a Pontin's holiday resort in Somerset.
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FBU slams fire service alarm plans

05 Jan 2012

A firefighters' union has cast serious doubt over a service's proposal to stop responding to alarms that go off automatically.
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Burned out pub might still collapse

04 Jan 2012

Fears that a burned building may collapse have kept firefighters at the scene of a blaze, after they fought for 10 hours to bring the flames under control.
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Hong Kong faces Legionnaires' fears

03 Jan 2012

The new headquarters building for the Hong Kong government contains bacteria which has been a cause of Legionnaires' disease in the past, it emerged.
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Newtown fire under investigation

30 Dec 2011

The circumstances surrounding a fire at a convenience store and a curry house in Newtown, Powys, is being looked into by investigators.
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Crews tackle Christmas Eve blaze

29 Dec 2011

A commercial building near Bradford city centre was engulfed in flames on Christmas Eve, a fire service has said.
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Number of virus-hit beds doubles

28 Dec 2011

The number of hospital beds closed due to norovirus-type symptoms in the NHS has doubled within a week - although this is still inside expected levels, the Government said.
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Fire casualty risk higher in Ulster

23 Dec 2011

People are still more likely to die or be injured by a fire in Northern Ireland than in the other home nations.
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Industrial estate fire breaks out

22 Dec 2011

More than 100 firefighters were required to contain a fire at an industrial estate in Lancashire.
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Worker 'lost two fingers in pump'

21 Dec 2011

A heating contractor lost two fingers after his hand was pulled into a water pump, a court has heard.
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HVCA votes for 2012 name change

20 Dec 2011

The Heating and Ventilating Contractors' Association (HVCA) has voted to change its name to the Building and Engineering Services Association, which will take effect on March 1 next year.
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Bar worker suffers burns to face

19 Dec 2011

A hotel owner has been fined £2,500 after a worker suffered burns when cleaning glasses.
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Explosion sparks candles warning

16 Dec 2011

London firefighters have warned people not to leave candles anywhere near air fresheners following an explosion at a pharmacy.
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Hygiene in Welsh eateries displayed

15 Dec 2011

Welsh restaurants and takeaways could soon have their "scores-on-the-doors" as the Government is keen for premises to display their hygiene ratings.
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Fire crews tackle CO poisoning

14 Dec 2011

Two fire services have visited thousands of homes in a bid to cut down on the scores of deaths caused by carbon monoxide (CO) each year.
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WebOS to be open-source project

13 Dec 2011

Hewlett-Packard is set to turn its Palm developed webOS mobile-device operating system into an open-source project.
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Hospital A&E ward closed after fire

13 Dec 2011

An emergency ward at a Winchester hospital has been closed after a fire.
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Firefighters tackle hospital blaze

12 Dec 2011

Firefighters have tackled a blaze at a hospital in Hampshire.
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Dozens dead in India hospital blaze

09 Dec 2011

At least 61 people have been killed in a fire at a hospital in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, senior officials have said.
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Fat Duck norovirus 'worst ever'

08 Dec 2011

The norovirus outbreak at Heston Blumenthal's award-winning Fat Duck restaurant in Bray two years ago was the biggest ever reported, a new study has found.
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MSP hits out over norovirus ward

07 Dec 2011

A hospital which has been hit by an outbreak of winter vomiting has been criticised by an MSP for its "lack of cleanliness".
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Fire crews fight blaze in Cornwall

06 Dec 2011

A chemical fire which broke out on Tuesday morning in a boatyard in Cornwall is said to be "under control."
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Council fined £20,000 for CO leak

05 Dec 2011

A council has been fined £20,000 after carbon monoxide leaked from a faulty gas boiler at a community centre.
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UK hygiene habits still lacking

02 Dec 2011

Washing your hands after using the toilet seems like an obvious thing to do, but new research suggests that the message is falling on deaf ears with some.
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Firefighters battle estate blaze

01 Dec 2011

Firefighters from three different counties had to come together to battle a blaze on an industrial estate in the early hours of Thursday morning.
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City fire residents allowed home

30 Nov 2011

Residents near the scene of a major fire at a funeral service building in Glasgow have been allowed back home following an evacuation.
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Office complex blaze investigated

29 Nov 2011

A large blaze at an office complex in Berkshire at the weekend required dozens of firefighters to get it under control, it has been revealed.
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Baby's E.coli death remains mystery

28 Nov 2011

The death in Swansea of a premature baby fatally infected with E.coli may always be a mystery.
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Building burns throughout the night

25 Nov 2011

Firefighters have been working through the night to bring a burning building under control.
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E.coli infection baby deaths probed

24 Nov 2011

Health chiefs in South Wales are investigating after two babies died of an E.coli infection.
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Fire crews battle Dorset blaze

23 Nov 2011

More than 40 firefighters had to be called in to battle a blaze at a factory unit in Dorset on Monday.
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Man overcome by chemical fumes

22 Nov 2011

A Coventry man was sent to hospital after he inhaled chemical fumes while cleaning his house at the weekend.
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Carbon monoxide poisoning warning

21 Nov 2011

People are being urged to ensure their boilers, cookers and heaters are in good working order this winter in a bid to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
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New cigarette safety rules welcomed

18 Nov 2011

Cigarettes are now covered by new safety standards to reduce the number of house fire deaths, with the paper requiring bands regularly down the length of the cigarette so it will go out if not smoked.
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Chemical spill near royal Palace

17 Nov 2011

A chemical spill near Buckingham Palace caused three people to be taken to hospital.
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Notices on fire-risk buildings

16 Nov 2011

Hundreds of people have been taking their lives in their hands by living in commercial buildings on an industrial estate, exposing themselves to some of the worst fire safety risks London Fire Brigade has ever seen.
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Fire in jet ski shop delays trains

15 Nov 2011

A fire in a jet ski service and parts shop that contained gas cylinders caused a supermarket to be evacuated and disruptions to transport services.
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Loyd Grossman Korma sauces recalled

14 Nov 2011

Jars of Loyd Grossman's Korma sauce, thought to be contaminated with botulism bacteria, are being recalled after two members of the same family were taken to hospital.
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Ham smoker 'caused Norwich fire'

11 Nov 2011

A ham smoker was the cause of a fire that destroyed a Norwich food factory, the fire service has revealed.
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Norwich blaze tackled overnight

10 Nov 2011

Fire services worked late into the night on Wednesday to extinguish a blaze at a food factory in Norwich.
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Leaking gas almost kills engineer

09 Nov 2011

Carbon monoxide nearly killed an engineer sent to check reports of a smell of gas in a city office block, a court has learned.
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£2k fine for asbestos exposure

08 Nov 2011

A handyman who failed to take precautions when working with asbestos has been fined for exposing himself and a tenant to the dangerous fibres.
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Gas leak probe after couple die

07 Nov 2011

Police believe that a couple whose bodies were found in their Essex home at the weekend could have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.
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Restauranter breached safety order

04 Nov 2011

Magistrates in Cambridge have heard how a local restaurant owner allowed staff to live in unsafe conditions above the venue.
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Tunnel collapse miners rescued

03 Nov 2011

Three men were trapped underground after a colliery trench collapsed in South Wales, rescuers have said.
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Firefighters put out carrier blaze

02 Nov 2011

Around 40 firefighters had to be called in to extinguish a blaze on a section of an aircraft carrier currently under construction in Scotland.
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Alert over carbon monoxide dangers

01 Nov 2011

Two thirds of homes in the UK are vulnerable to potentially fatal carbon monoxide leaks as they are not fitted with alarms to detect the poisonous gas, new research has shown.
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Firm fined over fumes breaches

31 Oct 2011

A £5,500 fine has been imposed on a South Tyneside firm for jeopardizing workers' health by exposing them to fumes that are known to be a significant cause of occupational asthma in the UK.
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Campaign launched to stop norovirus

28 Oct 2011

A Cornwall campaign has been launched to curtail the spread of a disease that causes sickness and diarrhoea.
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Soldering staff exposed to fumes

27 Oct 2011

A road and rail signs specialist has been fined for failing to protect its employees from fumes that are known to cause asthma.
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Swanage gas leak capped by council

26 Oct 2011

Engineers are currently carrying out repair works following a gas leak in Dorset on Tuesday.
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Local fire hazard training offered

25 Oct 2011

Firefighters in Norfolk are helping people recognise fire hazards in their community.
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Hand-washing warning for nurseries

24 Oct 2011

Schools and nurseries have been reminded how important it is to implement a strict hand washing system after three cases of E. Coli were confirmed at a nursery in Wales.
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Fire-damaged shops to open in 2012

21 Oct 2011

Construction work on Hereford city centre shops destroyed by fire last year is continuing, with their opening date pushed back to 2012.
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Water pollution investigated by EA

20 Oct 2011

An investigation has been launched by the Environment Agency (EA) after a chemical leak polluted a beck, causing concern for wildlife and local residents.
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Workers injured in acid accident

19 Oct 2011

An accident involving a container of nitric acid has caused 11 people to be admitted to hospital.
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Firm fined for explosion death

18 Oct 2011

A £200,000 fine has been dished out to a multinational cement firm following the death of an employee in an explosion at one of its factories.
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Airborne bug scare school reopens

17 Oct 2011

A Bournemouth primary school has reopened following an airbourne bug scare.
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Mobile phones harbour bacteria

14 Oct 2011

Our mobile phones tend to get covered in all sorts - be it the grease from our bacon butties, or smudged makeup from holding them to our ears. But new research has shown that one in six mobile phones in Britain is contaminated with something far more grim
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Fire safety DVD proves a Welsh hit

13 Oct 2011

A new DVD with a life-saving fire safety message for students is igniting interest across Wales.
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UK sees CO death rate 'triple'

12 Oct 2011

In the past 12 months, the UK has seen a three-fold increase in its carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning death rate, new figures indicate.
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Fire injures three at food festival

11 Oct 2011

An explosion at a food market in the centre of Manchester led to three people being rushed to hospital with burn injuries.
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Investigation over radioactive leak

10 Oct 2011

A radioactive leak has been uncovered at the former Dounreay power station in Scotland.
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Office desk germs 'spread quickly'

07 Oct 2011

Germs on dirty office desks can quickly spread among staff, a report from an office supplies company has warned.
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Crews tackle huge chemical blaze

06 Oct 2011

A fire sparked as workers mixed chemicals at a plant south of Dallas shot massive plumes of black smoke and bright orange flames into the sky, forcing schoolchildren and residents to evacuate or take cover indoors to avoid possible exposure to dangerous g
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Three still in hospital after blast

05 Oct 2011

Three people are still in hospital after being seriously injured in a huge blast at an industrial estate near Surrey, police said.
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Thousands evacuated after huge fire

04 Oct 2011

More than 3,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Harrow, north-west London, after a fire tore through a mechanic's yard containing a number of highly explosive gas cylinders.
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Fines issued over castle death

03 Oct 2011

Two firms and a director involved in Liz Hurley's wedding to Arun Nayar have been fined for health and safety regulation breaches after a workman died in the grounds of a castle where their nuptials took place.
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Shell Bukom refinery blaze put out

30 Sep 2011

Firefighters have finally managed to tackle a blaze that had been raging for two days at a Royal Dutch Shell oil refinery in Singapore.
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Good hygiene warning for winter flu

29 Sep 2011

Health professionals in the North East are urging good hygiene for protection against the spread of flu.
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M&S fined for store asbestos risk

28 Sep 2011

Retail giant Marks & Spencer has been fined £1 million for failing to protect customers, staff and workers from potential exposure to asbestos during refurbishment at one of its stores.
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Company fined after worker drowns

27 Sep 2011

Perth-based company Epsco has been fined £35,000 following the death of a man who drowned after falling into a sump filled with water at a north Wales power station.
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Asbestos exposure costs firm £6.6k

26 Sep 2011

A builder was exposed to high levels of asbestos for five hours while fitting pipes in a Bath building, a court heard.
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Nursery staff and kids' TB scare

23 Sep 2011

A nursery employee who was diagnosed with tuberculosis has prompted about 200 pupils and colleagues to get tested for the disease.
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Blaze engulfs cheese warehouse

22 Sep 2011

A cheese warehouse has gone up in flames in Somerset, a fire service said.
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Gas leak forces hospital closure

21 Sep 2011

Women in labour had to be accommodated elsewhere and some ambulance services were directed away from a Winchester hospital after a gas leak forced two key units to be evacuated.
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Significant fire at primary school

20 Sep 2011

Firefighters have been tackling a blaze at a primary school in Devon,
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Tumble dryer fire evacuates school

19 Sep 2011

A fire in a school classroom caused the entire building to be evacuated, leaving around 1,000 pupils outside as the blaze spread to the roof.
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Court stages spoof safety trial

16 Sep 2011

A court is to stage a mock trial demonstrating the legal risks of breaching health and safety guidelines.
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Huge underground water pipe cleaned

15 Sep 2011

Engineers have set to work cleaning giant water pipes in a tunnel 90ft under the River Mersey and the Manchester Ship Canal in Liverpool.
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Asbestos exposed at council flat

14 Sep 2011

A local authority has been prosecuted for its role in a bathroom conversion job which ended up contaminating the area with asbestos.
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Warning over gas safety checks

13 Sep 2011

People who rent out properties to tenants are being reminded of their responsibilities with regards to the checking of gas appliances as winter approaches.
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Pair flee north Wales pub fire

12 Sep 2011

Fire crews were called to a blaze at a pub in Gronant, north Wales, in the early hours of Sunday morning.
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TV host in airtight chamber stunt

09 Sep 2011

A man will be sealed inside an airtight chamber for two days as part of a science project for a new BBC series.
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Gas firm to build food converter

08 Sep 2011

A UK gas company will become the first to take advantage of the Government's renewable heat incentive through its plan to build an anaerobic digestion plant to produce energy.
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Asbestos exposure officials fined

07 Sep 2011

A caretaker and two sub-contractors, tasked with refurbishing the reception area of a primary school, were exposed to asbestos because officials did not assess the risks involved.
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Schools criticised for poor hygiene

06 Sep 2011

The mother of a child who died from E.coli has told of her shock at the poor level of hygiene in schools across south Wales.
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Union slams workplace dust levels

05 Sep 2011

Dust in the workplace kills thousands of people every year and something urgently needs to be done to force firms to reduce hazard levels, according to a union body.
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£1.8m to rebuild fire-hit school

02 Sep 2011

Some £1.8 million is to be spent rebuilding a school in Birmingham after it was damaged by a major blaze earlier this year.
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Fire-hit Oxfam depot fights back

01 Sep 2011

An Oxfam warehouse has nearly reached the sorting levels it achieved before a devastating fire earlier this year.
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£3,000 fine over hotel fire safety

31 Aug 2011

An ex-hotel manager was fined £3,000 for not complying with an enforcement notice issued over concerns about means of escape from the building.
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Firm fined after chemical burns

30 Aug 2011

An engineering firm has been fined £6,000 after a 17-year-old worker suffered burns to his face and one of his eyes.
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Racecourse 'food poisoning' probed

26 Aug 2011

An investigation has been launched after three people needed hospital treatment after falling ill at Hamilton Park racecourse in South Lanarkshire.
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Legionnaires' patient death probed

25 Aug 2011

The death of a hospital patient who had been diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease has triggered police and health and safety investigations.
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Nike to 'stop dangerous chemicals'

24 Aug 2011

The use of toxic chemicals at the Nike corporation's factories will soon be thing of the past, the company has insisted.
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Small hospital ravaged by superbug

23 Aug 2011

A 30-bed hospital has stopped admitting patients because of an outbreak of Clostridium difficile.
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Mill blaze neighbours evacuated

22 Aug 2011

Dozens of homes in Blackburn were evacuated after a large fire broke out at an engineering works at the weekend.
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Worker killed in chemical incident

19 Aug 2011

A worker at an industrial unit has died after apparently collapsing inside a chemical tank in the east of Scotland.
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Calls for food hygiene display

18 Aug 2011

Opposition politicians in Wales have demanded hygiene ratings be displayed in food outlets following an outbreak of E.Coli in the capital.
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Croydon care home damaged in blaze

17 Aug 2011

A south London care home has been badly damaged after a fire broke out in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
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Probe starts into E.coli outbreak

16 Aug 2011

Health officials in Wales have started a "methodical" investigation into an outbreak of E.coli.
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Failure to Comply with the Fire Safety Order puts Lives at Risk

16 Aug 2011

A recent survey by the Fire Industry Association provides stark evidence that many businesses continue to put the lives of building occupants at risk.
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Fire service halts station blaze

15 Aug 2011

The importance of having a smoke alarm and evacuation plan was highlighted recently when firefighters in Glasgow had to tackle a blaze in their own station.
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Judges dismiss smell damages claim

12 Aug 2011

Three top judges have rejected a damages claim brought by an electrical company over the smell on a Milton Keynes business park.
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BIFM's bid to save firms money

11 Aug 2011

Facilities professionals will be able to use a new web service in a bid to boost the performance of their buildings.
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Hand mangled by unguarded machine

09 Aug 2011

A printing firm has been fined £7,500 after an employee had his hand mutilated by the machine he was working on.
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New Competency Criteria for Fire Risk Assessors – but will it improve standards

12 Jul 2011

The Fire Risk Assessment Competency Council – a group of 30 fire industry stakeholder organisations – has just delivered a draft set of criteria which it is hoped will be used by professional bodies and certification organisations that register or cer
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Could Uncleaned Ductwork be reason why ‘faulty’ Ventilation Closed Operating Theatres?

24 Jun 2011

A recent report stated that the operating theatres at two Yorkshire hospitals were closed because of “significant ventilation problems”. The report did not specify in which way the systems at Malton and Whitby hospitals were “performing below the r
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Prevent the spread of flu virus in your workplace

10 Jan 2011

Everyone knows that the usual way to catch the flu is from someone else. All those Christmas get-togethers certainly sent the numbers with ‘flu soaring.
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The Richard Norman Interview - Ductwork Cleaning Specialist MD speaks out - Part 1

15 Dec 2010

Richard Norman is Managing Director of specialist ventilation hygiene company, Indepth Hygiene Limited. Here, Richard takes a few minutes to discuss his own background, his hopes for the company and his ‘big idea’ for 2011.
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The Richard Norman Interview - Ductwork Cleaning Specialist MD speaks out - Part 2

15 Dec 2010

Richard Norman is Managing Director of specialist ventilation hygiene company, Indepth Hygiene Limited. Here, Richard takes a few minutes to discuss his own background, his hopes for the company and his ‘big idea’ for 2011.
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Duct cleaning – never more essential, Indepth Hygiene reflect on successful trading in 2010

11 Nov 2010

The UK’s leading duct cleaning specialist, Indepth Hygiene, take on nearly 400 new clients in 12 months
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Duct cleaning specialist Indepth Hygiene serving 50 UK Golf Clubs

07 Sep 2010

Duct cleaning specialist Indepth Hygiene maintain safe and healthy catering facilities for over 50 UK Golf Clubs
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Duct cleaning specialist Indepth Hygiene enjoy record number of new client wins

03 Sep 2010

The UK's leading duct cleaning specialist, Indepth Hygiene, take on nearly 400 new clients in 12 months.
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Ductwork Cleaning Video : The Risks Associated with Dirty Ducts in Hospitals

27 Jul 2010

Indepth Hygiene Services Limited release duct cleaning video on the Risks Associated with Dirty Ducts in Hospitals and NHS Estates.
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The effectiveness of maintenance and cleaning in UK Hospitals

21 Jul 2010

Meticillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a prevalent bacterium of UK hospitals, which together with other organisms, remains a cause for concern over increasing incidences of healthcare-associated infection (HCAI).
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Uncleaned Grease Extract Ventilation Ducting – still a major contributor in fires at catering premis

12 Jul 2010

Latest catering fire at a leading fast food restaurant, Liverpool St Station on 7th July, sparks a call for assessment of fire risk in catering establishments.
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Indepth Hygiene Services Ltd Launch Brand New Website

22 Apr 2010

The UK's leading provider of specialist ventilation cleaning services - Indepth Hygiene - Launch new website
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Catering and the Fire Safety Order

10 Feb 2010

Richard Norman, Managing Director of Indepth Hygiene Services Limited, offers advice on complying with the Fire Safety Order.
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Ducting Systems & HCAI

21 Jan 2010

Richard Norman, Managing Director of Indepth Hygiene Services Limited, the UK’s leading company for specialist cleaning of ventilation systems talks explains why they should be regularly inspected and cleaned in the battle against Health Care Associated
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Compliance with the Fire Safety Order Essential

15 Dec 2009

The Ricoh Arena have set an example to others by ensuring that the grease extract systems within their venue, which are linked to their various catering facilities, have been professionally cleaned of potentially fire hazardous grease deposits by the UK
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When Cleaned Should Mean Safe

12 Dec 2009

Richard Norman, Managing Director of Indepth Hygiene Services Limited, the UK’s leading company for specialist cleaning of ventilations systems, talks about the importance of ensuring grease extract systems are thoroughly cleaned.
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Clean Ventilation Systems – Never More Essential

03 Dec 2009

Richard Norman, Managing Director of Indepth Hygiene Services Limited, the UK’s leading company for specialist cleaning of ventilation systems talks about the importance of ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned.
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Catering Facilities and the Law

21 Oct 2009

Richard Norman, Managing Director of Indepth Hygiene Services Ltd offers advice on complying with legislation relating to catering facilities.
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