Insurance Requirements

Insurers can ask for evidence to be shown that the Fire Safety Order is being complied with and specifically that any relevant warranties are being complied with. The U.K's leading insurer requires "the entire length of all flues and extraction ducting including extraction motors and fans, are cleaned at least every six months". As a high fire risk, the grease extract system should be cleaned regularly, and many Insurers now make a six monthly deep clean a minimal requirement under the terms of the policy.

Insurers are becoming more inquisitive, primarily because fire claims and compensation costs are increasing rapidly. The attitude, "don't worry, we’re insured” is more and more inappropriate for today's building owners and managers. Failure to comply with the legal requirements to carry out fire risk assessments and to protect the occupants of buildings from danger, will result in a prosecution.

Recent court cases have shown, where there has been a failure to comply with the legislation, insurers will use this as a reason for disputing claims. Only partially cleaned systems will also be used as a reason for disputing a claim.

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