Fire & Rescue Service Warning

At a recent seminar a Fire Authority representative stated “uncleaned grease extract ventilation systems present probably the greatest potential fire risk in buildings with catering facilities”.

If a building has a grease extract ventilation system then it’s most likely to have some level of risk. It may not have been cleaned thoroughly, due to lack of sufficiently installed access panels, or it may not have been cleaned regularly enough to match the type of cooking being carried out.

The consequence of a fire occurring in the grease extract system can be devastating, not just to the property and the future of the business where the kitchen is located, but also to the lives of the occupants. Where restaurants and catering facilities are situated beneath residential accommodation, fires in the extract ducting which so often runs through or alongside these premises can present a danger to the lives of residents. Fires at Heathrow, South Mimms Service Area, the Witney Town Centre and many hotels and restaurants bear witness to the high cost of damage and loss of business caused by fires in uncleaned grease extract systems.