Indepth Hygiene Car Park Ventilation Cleaning

Those responsible for the management of enclosed car parks will be familiar with the health and safety requirements relating to the control of pollutant levels.

Maintaining Required Standards

In order to maintain the required standards, particularly that carbon monoxide levels remain below the level of 30 parts per million over an eight hour period and below 90 parts per million over 15 minutes at high pollution areas such as exits, periodic deep cleaning of the system extract ducting is essential. Dust and debris inevitably build up in the internal ducting surfaces providing ideal conditions for the development of harmful organisms. Unless removed these will be circulated back into the car park producing a risk to the health of users.

The presence of dust and debris will also assist the development of fire if for any reason it should occur in the system.

At the same time, dirty emissions can cause damage to vehicle paintwork. Anyone who has left their car parked for more than 24 hrs in an enclosed car park will have seen the amount of dust and debris which covers their vehicle. If the dust is in the car park atmosphere it will be breathed in by users.

Action Against Pollution

To check on the condition of the car park’s extract ventilation system we will carry out a full survey of the system and provide you with a detailed written and photographic report quite free of charge and make appropriate recommendations for any deep cleaning of ducting and system installations required to restore conditions to required statutory levels.